10 cakes later… Mozilla finally returns the favour


Following the release of Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla has finally sent Microsoft a celebratory cake, following on from the ‘one-way tradition’ of sending a cake to the one-another when a new version of a browser is released- which of course Microsoft only seemed to follow.  It even got to a point where Mozilla started updating their browser more frequently, resulting in Microsoft sending cupcakes rather than full cakes presumably from an excess of care for the Mozilla team’s health. 

Both Mozilla and Internet Explorer are currently fighting a battle for market share against Google’s Chrome, with the Google browser recently claimed to have overtaken Internet Explorer’s recent market share.  With Google silently upgrading its browser in the background, we assume neither party will be sending them any confectionary soon. 

Below you can see a sample of the many cakes made by the bakers at Microsoft:





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  • just

    That’s pretty sweet on both sides! :-) Yum Yum

  • Roy

    I wish Microsoft and Mozilla would combine IE+Firefox.
    It could be the best browser in the world.

  • JNate

    Awww an’t these companies sweeet…. NOOOT they all evil!!!!

    • http://www.twitter.com/HenrikAtWork Henrik

      Mozilla isn’t evil at all, quite the opposite. They are far more on your side than Apple, Google and Microsoft will ever be. They do not share the same agenda. Everyone should support Firefox/Mozilla when up against “the other guys”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/j.spanberg Johan Spånberg Svelander

        If people are to choose Another browser than IE, I Always prefer to send them in Mozilla’s direction.

  • deathdealer351

    The cake is a lie lol