128 GB Surface Pro tablet sells out in 7 hours


The Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet went on sale yesterday, and despite the rather negative reviews has been snapped up by fans, with the 128 GB version of the tablet selling out in a mere 7 hours at Microsoft’ Online Store.

Of course early sales does not really tell us what the real demand for his rather expensive tablet will be, and given Microsoft’s propensity to not release numbers I don’t think we will ever find out.

Will our readers be picking up a Surface Pro? Let us know why or why not below.

Thanks Martin for the tip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikpienk Erik Pienknagura

    Im buying it because it says pro in the name

  • hysonmb

    I’m on the way out to buy one right now 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/markoostveen Mark Oostveen

    If I could buy it in the NEtherlands I would have done yesterday. Now I am looking to order in the US, just hope it comes back in stock soon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/xplyct Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

    Would have bought one but the battery life wont let me.

    • StreetNerd

      yea the battery life is around 4 hours right?! o_0

      • http://www.facebook.com/j.spanberg Johan Spånberg Svelander

        Same as most notebooks…

      • Per Elversson

        5-6 hours with video or intense browsing

      • John

        4 Hours if you watch movie 1080P all that 4 hours. Otherwise it is like up to 6 hours battery life which is most of the cases. You are not watching 1080p movie all the time. So battery life as good as any laptop.

        • StreetNerd

          no… 4 hours just on MODERATE usage only ….watching 1080p will give u 2-3 hours -_-“

          • Tips_y

            Your saying that means you don’t own a Surface Pro because what you say is not true. Or maybe you have it but as a troll you must be negative about it, or maybe you’re just a paid shill.

          • no

            no -.-‘
            John is right…

          • Streetnerd

            what bout all the reviews? all say moderate usage = 4 hours….

          • damackdaddy1

            I’m beginning to believe the rumors that Apple has paid off some blog sites for bad reviews.

    • Ordep

      better than my laptop

      • José Villaró

        Your laptop sucks…

    • damackdaddy1

      I’ve been using mine for over 12 hours on a single charge today. Default power plan, standard daily use (not like in a run down test), and still have around 25% battery.

  • rb225

    What do you mean went on sale yesterday??? I was today and I can’t find one anywhere. They evidently only shipped one to each BestBuy and Staples store.

    • vcfan

      no they didn’t. some stores got 5,some got 10,and some got 15.

      • rb225

        In Charlotte, BestBuy stores got 1 each, Staples 0 each. BB website showed sold out before stores opened.

    • CHIP

      Sold out even at Microsoft store or online. It seems demand is high so be patient and soon you can get yours. Maybe just few days waiting… :)

  • koenshaku

    I have could get this since its in my IT budget at work I just really want the asus transformer book TX300. I may end up getting this though, however for a personal item I can’t justify the anemic battey life I love everything else about this beautifully crafted piece of hardware.

  • pro2

    If it was released Worldwide, I would be commenting using one, but it seems I have to wait till May or something to be able to get one, so I’ll probably skip it and wait for the Pro 2…

    • Bugbog

      Likely you’ll be waiting awhile! I doubt Pro 2 will be out before Jan 2014, as they’ll be spending the rest of the year rolling it out worldwide.

      • Pro 2

        If it only arrives in May, has I’m predicting, I would have already waited more than 1/4 of the time x)
        But I don’t know. If I have the money by that time, I might end up buying one.

    • http://twitter.com/Makavelli_Jrw ♐Mr.InTernaTionaL♐

      They just released them across the world in many other cities. You sure that your country isn’t one of them??? If not now then you would just have to wait until February 14..

      • pro2

        No, in my country, February 14 is the release date for the Surface RT. Doing the math, Surface RT is taking 3 months to arrive to my country, so probably it will be the same for the Surface Pro (making it arrive around May). But nothing of what I’m saying was confirmed by Microsoft…
        The Surface Pro is the tablet I’ve been waiting for years (even before the first iPad was released) it’s a shame I can’t have it since day one, but if it arrives later than April, I will probably wait for the next one.

  • jaylyric


  • Joe_HTH

    Does that equate to high sales? Probably not! Microsoft didn’t even ship a million Surface RTs last quarter, which is quite pathetic. If Microsoft can’t produce more than that, they might as well not even bother.

    What Microsoft should do for the the next Surface tablets is ditch the Pro version. Intel’s high end chips just aren’t efficient enough to be put in very thin and light tablets. They get shit battery life, produce too much heat, and require fans. I doubt Haswell will be a good enough improvement to to change those negative aspects of the Surface Pro.

    Later this year replace the Surface RT with a Surface 2 running Intel’s upcoming Bay Trail quad-core Atom CPU, up the RAM to 4GB, and use Imagination Technologies new 6 Series quad core GPU. Increase the screen resolution and battery, add a Wacom pen, NFC, and cellular. Then you can have a tablet as thin and light as an iPad, but much more powerful.

    Then Microsoft should release a 7.6″ tablet and have that be their ARM tablet, which they sell for $199 to $250.

    • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

      Then I’ll wait for Surface 2. I’m very patient.

    • JRV

      I think Surface Pro is THE Surface for most, at this point. Certainly for enterprise knowledge workers. “Post PC” iHype notwithstanding, this is still very much a Win32 world. The Surface Pro is the only Surface that can accommodate that. Intel i5 heat, battery life and fans are acceptable in notebooks. They will be acceptable in Surface Pro as a notebook replacement. Haswell will absolutely make a difference, of course. Intel understands how important Haswell is to their own future and will make sure of that. Achieving parity with ARM would be impressive, indeed, but since the use case for Surface Pro or any hybrid goes far beyond CPU needs of a phone or tablet, merely IMPROVED battery life & heat will be welcomed with opened wallets. Parity with ARM, however desirable, will not be required, any more than it is in notebooks today. And there will be continued improvements after Haswell; parity with today’s ARM will be achieved even as ARM moves forward. As for “high sales” of Pro, maybe, maybe not. But Pro can achieve its goal as a “reference device” with a very small volume. And price and rarity may even grant it a sort of Apple-esque caché! Wouldn’t that be ironic. Regardless, Surface Pro today is an innovative and impressive feat of engineering, achieving objectives no one but Microsoft thought possible before its announcement, and meaningfully advancing the state of the art of mobile computing. It has thus reserved its place in the history of computing, and even if unsuccessful in the marketplace, it will spawn refined future versions and imitators that are. And that is all Microsoft needs from it.

      • SagetB

        ” even if unsuccessful in the marketplace” while I will agree that my new Surface Pro is a great little laptop… the wastelands of technology is littered with broken pieces of impressive feats of engineering that is quickly forgotten if it does not sale beyond fanboys like me and you.

        • JRV

          Surface’s objectives, I believe, are to expose the public to the new form factor and challenge OEMs to up their game. If they’re also wildly successful, that’s a bonus.

          • SategB

            And as we have seen with the Surface RT… IF the Pro does not do well in the market then the take away message for the OEMs is that the form factor is a fail and that other OS deserve more attention. If the sales are not there this was a very high risk strategy that looks to alienate partners and reinforce negative perception of Windows 8.

          • JRV

            “IF the Pro does not do well in the market then the take away message for the OEMs is that the form factor is a fail and that other OS deserve more attention”
            In which case, tomorrow’s tech landscape looks a lot like today’s, right? So where’s the “high risk” in Surface? Looks to me like the “high risk” is the status quo. Surface was a bold move at a time when a bold move was needed.

            Sales matter, of course, but it’s not ALL about sales. Not for Surface, anyway. A runaway success would be great, but Surface IS generating buzz, among both enterprise and consumers. OEMs will follow the buzz, and if Surface generates only buzz and not sales, MS and its shareholders will be THRILLED if OEMs succeed with devices where MS themselves failed. Surface is, first and foremost, a proof-of-concept. And, so far, is doing its job about as well as it can be done.

          • SagetB

            No the landscape will continue deteriorate for the Windows OS for increasingly OEMs will move more aggressively to Chrome and Android looking for sales and profits. For this alternative OS does not come with the licensing cost of MSFT offerings.

            This will put pressure on the MSFT business model that is highly dependent on the profits of the Windows-Office combination. On the 90’s and 00’s OEMs had no where else to go where as now they do and if your “proof in concept” is proof of market disinterest it will exasperate the digression of OEM support faster.

            Yes Surface was a bold move when a bold move was needed…but was it bold enough. In fact it actually looks like just a repetition of the same old strategy that Ballmer has been playing for years of defending and extending the cash cows. And this time he trying to do it at the expensive of historic partners.

          • VHMP01

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but all Android devices pay more to MS than to Google! I defend them both, I got stuff from both, whatever I need and find best cost/benefit at buying moment fits me best.

          • JRV

            True. Microsoft wins either way, don’t they!

          • SategB

            No they don’t, MSFT can only support itself as it currently exist on the continuation of the Window-Office profits. It is why the defend and extend strategy is the company’s focus. It way the company is consistently late to the market (the real reason ZUNE failed, and WP8 is on life support even after over a billion $ in Ad promotion). Ballmer and company is not looking to the future but desperately trying to hold on to the past and is constantly surprised and scrambling to catch up when market changes.

            While I do agree Post PC is a misnomer, they are going to be around for a long time, there is a huge change in the market. Little as 10 years ago MSFT had 93% of the OS market share for personal computer devices, that is now less the 30%.

            So lets be honest Surface is not a new and innovative product (compared to the Courier that the company killed because it competed with the old Window-Office strategy). It a really good design Tablet PC that MSFT and OEMs been trying sale for the last 10 years. It is a really good one but it too may be to little to late and if sales are low it maybe the confirmation that MSFT is headed for real trouble. Let hope not.

          • JRV

            Well, Win32 is not exactly circling the drain, and I don’t buy into the Post-PC hype at all. But yes, some sales will be lost to low-end tablets. Some sales will be lost to low-end tablets even if Surface is as popular as Windows 95 was, for that matter.

            If an OEM can make a buck on an Android tablet or Chromebook, that’s what they will do. Surface won’t stop them. And, hey, more power to them. Surface and Chromebooks or Android tablets are not competing for the same buyers.

            MS’s “same old strategy” is to put a superior (or sometimes not) product out there and expect people to discover it on their own. And years ago, that actually worked.

            I sure don’t see the “same old strategy” from here. Not at all. MS has NEVER launched a product they way they’ve launched Surface.

            Zune, for example, failed because, despite being a superior product and service to iPod/iTunes, there was ZERO consumer awareness because there was no promotion. The tech savvy who happened to want an MP3 player loved it, but to this day, “normal” consumers still say, “What’s a Zune?” Windows Phone also had a tepid marketing push, although you could see the beginnings of a change; MS was starting to catch on.

            And then Surface. There has been an ongoing media blitz for months and there IS buzz. That is precisely what the first step needs to be.

            While this is not a “Post-PC” market, it IS a “Post-enthusiast” market. So where it used to be sufficient to rely on a few ads and reviews in PC Magazine (remember that?), now they have to do what Apple has done for years. And MS is not as slick and polished at it as Apple yet, but they’ve moved up 1000% from where they were with the lame Jerry Seinfeld ads, and it may just be enough.

            If Surface does not capture people’s imaginations, that does NOT mean that all the OEMs will do is produce the same old desktops, notebooks and ultrabooks they always have. The attention that Surface has gotten, positive AND negative, has revealed it as a form factor people are REALLY interested in. Debating, talking about at the water cooler, asking their IT department about, loving, and hating. And THAT is Surface’s primary job.

            It’s not rocket science that not having Win32 is a deal-breaker for a Windows tablet in 2013, so Surface RT was a trial balloon; generating feedback. By 2015 or 2017, RT will start to come into its own as an iPad/Chromebook/Android tab competitor.

            But, yes, they will make Android tablets and Chromebooks in whatever quantities the consumer market will absorb. So far, that’s not much, but I suspect it will be a growing market with a cap somewhere around that of the iPad. And the market they will cannibalize will largely be the iPad’s, not the Surface’s. Heck, the Nexus was the trigger for Apple’s lawsuit frenzy against Samsung.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rikkirik-Contrera/100003341041631 Rikkirik Contrera

      Hahaha you must be a fortune teller with a real shortsighted view of Microsoft sales, company strategy and of what Microsoft should do. You just don’t seem to understand what doing business is all about do you. One recent research of Forrester found that 32% of the enterprise users wants Windows tablet as their next work device. This data was compiled from the sample size of 9,766 information workers that Forrester polled. Even though Apple now leads the enterprise tablet numbers with 26% market share, the preference for W8 tablet spells problem for the Ipad and Android tablets. The W8 Pro hybrisd devices (PC and tablet in one) will further complicate the situation for Apple and Google. Once the availability problem of W8 RT and W8 Pro are solved Microsoft will sell well. So stop breaking youre brains on what Microsoft should or should not do.

  • mikadowu

    I bought 2, in the Orlando store today……. The pen is amazing, daughter already has CS6 on hers and rolling. Pen is as accurate as her Wacom tablet.

  • damackdaddy1

    Got my 128GB at Best Buy this morning. I was the first pre-order in the area, and apparently got the only one Best Buy received. Most stores just got 1 unit, but many were the 64GB version.

    • arrow2010

      That’s pretty sad and pathetic. I bet Best Buy has a 100 iPads in stock.

      • JRV

        Pathetic, indeed. Clearly, Microsoft needs to ramp up production, and Best Buy needs more Surface Pro inventory.

        • need

          Best Buy needs a guy dressed with a Microsoft T-Shirt explaining people why they should buy a Surface, like they do with almost every other electronic product…

  • damackdaddy1

    And the reviewers are CRAZY! This thing is light enough to use while holding with NO PROBLEMS (i’ve been using it one handed even), the Type Cover is AWESOME – and the trackpad works perfectly (just had to switch the speed up ONE tick). It also is a breeze to use in your lap.
    Oh, and this thing is WICKED FAST! I love it.

  • Smith

    I wanted to buy two but by the time I wake up in the morning it was sold out!
    Oh well… I wait till they have more in stock again.
    At least I have two touch keyboards already and all I need is those two Surface Pro and I am golden.

  • JRV

    64GB Surface Pro now also out of stock.

  • arrow2010

    Yes all 10 units sold out, congrats!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iain.simpson.127 Iain Simpson

    most stores had very low stock on the initial release so numbers will not be that high for being sold out, but at least there seems to be some demand for the tablet, MS need to replenish stock as fast as possible or will loose out to some other device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.kimsey Bill Kimsey

    I got mine today. I reserved it Monday at Best Buy. It was the Only ONE They

  • skruis

    I picked mine up from the Oakbrook Store. I picked up one of the reservation cards last week and then while I was in Best Buy a few days ago, I noticed they had a Pro on display and I made a reservation there as well. With the18mo 0% financing, that’s a no brainer, right? Well, it would have been.

    I show up around 10:00 and say “I have a reservation for a Surface Pro 128GB” (after witnessing another guy get turned away … he looked really disappointed … like about to cry disappointed). They check the stock and say “Sorry, we only received 2 and the other customers reserved there’s before you did.” All I’m thinking is … ‘wtf?’. So as I’m considering returning my reservation and getting my $50 back, I call up Oakbrook and say “Hey, I have my Reservation Card, are you still holding my Surface?” and I get this blanket answer: “If you have a card, they have the Surface device waiting for you.”

    So I cancel the Best Buy reservation and start planning my trip to Oakbrook (it’s only an hour away). Well, I get home and I think, “I’ve got time” so I spend a few hours with my wife before she leaves on a trip she’s taking with her mom. She left around 1 and I got to Oakbrook around 1:45 (made great time!). Again, I walk in to the store with a big smile on my face and there’s this guy that gave me the original reservation card. “How can I help you sir?”

    I pull out the reservation card and as him and the girl (I’m assuming his manager) next to him see the card, they both start to look nervous. She says “I’m so sorry but the reservation on the Surface Pro’s expired at noon.” So again, I’m thinking ‘wtf?’ but this time, I’m pissed. I mean…come on…a phone call to confirm, blanket answer, hour long drive and now this? So I look at the card and my smile returns “Doesn’t say that on the card. It says good for a Surface Pro 128GB on Saturday February 9th. It’s Saturday February 9th. Do you have my Surface?” She starts to look concerned and says “Let me check the back. We may have it.” and this is after they tell me they’re sold out and can’t honor my reservation! So sure as shit, she comes back out WITH my Surface Pro 128GB (w/ a tag with my name on it attached the box) and the type cover I requested. Again, I’m thinking ‘wtf?’ but I hand over my credit card, pay for the device and head home. Exactly what were they planning on doing with my reserved Surface after telling me: the reservation expired and they sold out?

  • SagetB

    Maybe MSFT learn something from Elop’s Nokia; limit quantities to create the appearance of excitement. This will give Surface Pro some good press for a few more days. Though the only downside is it may push other OEMs towards Android Tablets and Chrome PC even faster .

  • Windows 8

    It is sold out and I have read that people are already angry with the availability !!
    Why is Microsoft not releasing it in the world and in large numbers..??
    I don’t know how long we will have to wait as even RT hasn’t been released here.

  • drm

    I tried but my Best Buy received zero 128 GB models. It’s easy to sell out of something when you have zero to begin with.