128 Gb Surface Pro tablets being re-stocked this Saturday


Panos Panay, GM for the Microsoft Surface, has had some good news for long-suffering Surface fans.

He has confirmed on twitter that Microsoft would be restocking the 128 GB Surface tablet at Best Buy and Microsoft Stores this weekend, with stock expected on Saturday.

The less popular 64 GB Surface Pro tablet, which nevertheless also sold out, is being restocked right now.

Early estimates are that less than 20,000 Surface Pro tablets have been sold.  Hopefully improved stock will boost this figure significantly.

  • lauren

    where did you get that 20,000 estimate?

    • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

      analyst reports

      • arrow2010

        No analyst knows how many Microsoft sold from the web site.

        • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

          I agree completely. I’m not saying the figure is accurate, just where the number is coming from.

  • Blachlock

    Hope it is more than the 20K this time around. Step up the game MS and bring on the quantities!!! People have been waiting for the Pro, it should have come out first!!!!!

  • Opinador_Objetivo

    Suggestion for Microsoft:

    Please open microsoftstore.com for pre-orders.

    • SagetB

      Your absolutely correct. In fact something is really strange about this…why state out of stock, why not do what Apple does and state shipping date? So you can order the items knowing it will be shipped in 7 to 10 days.

      It is as if they would rather lose sales then have excess inventory. Maybe eating all those unsold Kins and Zunes has left them scared.

  • Arag0n

    20.000 x $999 = $19.980.000, I bet so many companies would love to see such a huge income in a single day.

    • WPhan

      now just 999,010 more and we pay for the WP8 marketing campaign!

  • lachlan

    if they wanted more devices sold they should of had a lot more sock and other countries. Australia is still ‘coming soon’, yeah waited this long and not a word, might look at what samsung has on offer.