IE11 Virtual Machines Now Available On Modern.IE

Microsoft has added IE11 for Windows 7 and IE11 on Windows 8.1 to the suite of virtual machines now available on modern.IE for testing Internet Explorer across platforms and versions.

The Redmond software giant also updated all of the virtual machines based on feedback from the community. Among the changes the company made to the refreshed images are:

    • Windows update set to off by default to avoid the VMs with older versions of IE updating themselves automatically to the newest version for that operating system
    • Resealed the images to have the longest expiration of the evaluation period allowed
    • Brought answers to frequently asked questions right inside Windows on the desktop background
    • Instituted a VM build version system and have the home page set to visit modern.IE to check for updates to the VMs

For reference, IE6-11 testing virtual machines are available on the following platforms and virtualization technologies:

1. Windows

a. Virtual PC

b. Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

c. Hyper-V for Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 and up)

d. Oracle VM VirtualBox

e. VMWare

2. Mac OS

a. VMWare

b. Oracle VM VirtualBox

c. Parallels Desktop for Mac

3. Linux

a. Oracle VM VirtualBox

Additional tools include a site-scanner, compatibility inspector, BrowserStack screenshots and tech teardowns from modern websites.  Feedback can be sent team’s twitter handle @IEDevChat.  Joe Belfiore recently took over some of the IE responsibilities from Dean Hachamovitch.

Source: Exploring IE

  • Rann Xeroxx

    Kinda nice they have these VMs for Mac as well.

    • Emi the Strange

      it says
      “2. Mac OS

      a. VMWare

      b. Oracle VM VirtualBox

      c. Parallels Desktop for Mac

      3. Linux

      a. Oracle VM VirtualBox”

      or am I not understanding what you are trying to say? it works in a virtual machine, paid or free, as you can see.
      easy to get for mac and even Linux.

      • Rann Xeroxx

        They have versions of IE going back to v6 and Windows OS going back to XP. For host OS’s they offer WIndows, OSX, and Linux. For VM apps (at least for OSX as what I am using) they have VMs for VirtualBox, Parallels, and Fusion.

        Rather impressive actually. I am running the Win8.1 IE11 on my Mac in VirtualBox. I also downloaded the WIn7 IE10 as well.

  • NegLewis

    Now. Add in OutLook (besides the People, Mail, SkyDrive, Calendat Tiles) :
    1: A Second Screen/Cloud Desktop Tile (a VM inside the browser via Azure)
    2: A Skype Tile
    3: An Office Tile
    4: Phone/Tablet/PC Mirror Tiles
    … Every MS service should be integrated there…