3 year old shows exactly how hard it is to learn Windows 8

imageAdam Desrosiers had enough of hearing how difficult it is to learn to use Windows 8, and decided to upload this video showing how his 3 year old, in less than a month of occasional use, learned how to use Windows 8, and not on a touch screen tablet but on the desktop.

He writes:

I read these tech pundits and journalists discussing how hard it’s gonna be for the general public to learn the new UI of Windows 8. Nonsense. This video (sorry for the poor video quality – I have no proper video equipment whatsoever) is my response to such pessimism.
For the record, I do whatever I can to keep my boy *off* the computer. We watch some sesame st videos at night and play a game or two during the day. And over the past month that we’ve had Windows 8 on this computer this is how well he uses it. I could easily teach him some of the even more in depth operations of the system if I didn’t think it more important that he interact with the real world.

The long and short of it is: If my 3 years old son can learn Windows 8 through very moderate usage, anybody with half a brain can do so too.

So next time some-one tells you how difficult Windows 8 is on the desktop, tell them to ask the nearest 3 year old for some help.

Via MobilityDIgest.com

  • Scubadog

    Ah, therein lies the problem. Most of the whiners don’t have half a brain. 😉

  • IAmUnanimousInThat


  • Joe_HTH

    Most of the whiners are whining because it’s different, not because it’s bad or difficult to learn. They’re whining because they don’t like change. The sad thing is 90% of them haven’t even used the damn thing.

    • GG002

      We need more of these 3-year-olds-use-W8-like-a-pro vids to mock those who think they know W8.. “A 3-year old could do it, are you telling me you’re less intelligent than a toddler?”

    • judazuk

      Well I have, and what do you possibly gain by replacing a small efficient start menu, with huge tiles you have to scroll sideways from left to right to navigate?

      I’m not saying it’s not great if you live you life in “apps” and just surf the web on you tablet….and always just one run application at a time in fullscreen, but if you don’t… and what if you use a 3 screen setup and don’t play all day on your computer ….. what are the possible benefits of Windows 8?

      Can you give me one good reason to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8?
      (And believe you me, I’m getting a Windows Phone 8 devices (to replace my current Windows Phone 7.5 Lumia) but for my desktop or even laptop computer, not likely to happen since I cant find one good thing I gain by upgrading) It’s nothing to do with me hating change, i just hate to change for the sake of changing for no reason. If I get no benefits, and rather the opposite, whats the point?

      • guesttt999

        I don’t know about you, but I for one love change for the better. The new start screen is way more delightful and meaningful to use. Live information instead of static icons buried under menus is not really useful. It may seem so since that’s been the de-facto standard if you will for many years. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better approach to use and explore a PC. Few of the real reasons to switch to Windows 8 are:
        1. Windows App store
        2. Surface (finally a real PC in a tablet form factor for mobility with great battery life)
        3. Touch experience
        4. Integration with other services such as Sky Drive, Office, Skype, XBox, etc.
        5. Faster (whether it be startup or shutdown or fluidity of switching between apps)
        6. Security

        • judazuk

          1 – A reason not to choose it (on a tablet and Phone Windows Marketplace is great, on a Desktop, not so much. )
          2- Yeah a great looking tablet, and if you add a start button on the desktop it your bee a fully fledged laptop as well with the though cover , but now its not . What is good with windows 8 on a desktop?
          3 – On a desktop? Nope …Windows 8 is great on a tablet or a phone ..but on a desktop…pointless when you cant turn off the “metro” interface
          4.- you have Skydrive on Windows 7, Office and Skype.. Why do you need more integration then there already is? I have an Xbox, i have no need to integrate that on a Desktop for work.
          5 – only if you fdnt turn the maching off fully. And faster to boot maybe, but not bu much if you compare a laptop with windows 7 that boots from hibernation.
          6 – only because Microsofts chooses to focus their development on windows 8. Windows 8 is only more secure because Microsoft chooses it to be so, and only if the secure BIOS is not turned off. And the “more secure” part is yet to be proven as well. There is nothing you can design that cant be broken into if the user allows it to happen.

          What are the real benefits compared to Windows 7 on a Desktop? That is what I’m wondering about. “ive information instead of static icons ” only works if you have the start screen displayed, and you don’t if you have an application running and most applications seem to be running in fullscreen only as well, removing the live feedback that yo can get from widgets in Windows 7 even when you are working. An the Start bar in Windows 7 also gives you live info concerning running applications if you hover over them.

          • http://www.facebook.com/DracheMitch Mitch Hancock

            1. downloading apps from the internet is iffy at best when it comes to their security and app discovery is basically non-existent. There is no standard for installing or removing apps
            2. If your aunt had a penis she’d be your uncle, but she’s not.
            3. You just admitted with that statement you have never used Windows 8. A. It is not now nor ever coming out for phones and Windows Phone 8 is actually very different from using Windows 8. Only the launcher and native controls bare similarity. There is no interface to “turn off” you either use Metro apps or you don’t.
            4. No one cares about your work PC, including you since it’s not yours. You have no say over platform or hardware. Moot point. If you work from home on your own PC all your Windows 7 apps work identically as they always have but with less-intrusive chrome.
            5. Again, you might want to stop telling people exactly how little you know about Windows 8 because you are embarrassing yourself. Mobile users would rather turn off their counter when travelling and get the battery savings than put their device to sleep if Windows 8 starts up as fast as Windows 7 wakes from sleep (it does). And windows

          • judazuk

            1. And this will continue to be iffy … since you can still do that.

            2. what? That makes no sence at all.

            3. Yes I have ,and I use Windows Phone 7.5 everyday.
            Windows Phone 8 is actually very different from using Windows “Only the launcher and native controls bare similarity. ” You seem to forget about the kernel, and the fact that there is a lot of things that are similar. Have you used a Windows Phone device? ( I have , even Windows Phone 8, though it was only for a short moment as it was a prototype)

            4. I care about my work PC, since it’s my PC. and I’d bet sysadmins care, also the one holding the budget making the decision to spend money on a new OS for thousands of new machines that will evolve education costs, or just stick to what works and the users know, and wait to see what will come next

            5. Once again I have used windows 8, It’s you that is embarrassing trying to to make personal attacks in every statements you make . I have used all OS versions Microsoft have made since DOS 3.22, including Windows 8.

            “current operating system even more secure” Well that would be the first one being secure, if it is . They also marketed Windows NT 3.51 as secure, and Windows NT 4, and Windows 2000, and Windows 7. Neither of them are.
            (Don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft products but secure is something they have never been, how secure windows 8 is only time will tell. There is few systems that are very secure when you put a user in front of it. Only reason Mac OSX (any version) is not filled Malware for example is the fact that 95% of the PC market uses Windows, not that the OS is more secure)

            “Live Tiles tell me things so I don’t need to open an app” Yes and that is brilliant on a phone, but I’m not looking at my start scree all day, so those live tiles will almost never be seen, and neither the potentially convenient information they could present

            On a Windows Phone you just unlock and get you information from the live tiles and then you can put the phone back in your pocket, unlike for an example iPhone users that need to navigate scores of icons in a mess and walk into people while trying to use their phones (and that makes Microsofts “Really?” commercial so great.

            However using a desktop computer is a completely different thing. At least I think so. I will not go to my computer to unlock it, then press start to get the start menu, and then get the information I use my phone, and don’t even have to leave the couch.

            and if I’m infront of my computer already, using some programs I don’t want to have to leave that program completely to get information (i mean push it to the background and get a start screen that covers everything else) that I might as well get directly without leaving what I’m doing at all.

            “There are scores of studies completely unaffiliated with Microsoft that shows humans can only do two things at once” Really, name one, with a source.

          • James_Bartlett

            Your point on 5 is incorrect. Windows 8 boots much faster from being completely turned off than windows 7. Also, Windows 8 is actually less hardware intensive than Windows 7, as has been reported many times. Windows 8 has better security, a better task manager(if you honestly want to pull the “power user” card), and gives an easy to use view of running programs. These are all of course desktop[ features. As of now, to view all running programs you would need to use a keyboard shortcut like win+tab or alt+tab, which is harder for a user to know/remember than “upper left hand corner.” or even simpler “corners do things”. That’s much more efficient and it is in addition to the already existent keyboard shortcuts. People complained about the start menu in Windows 95, they’re complaining about the start screen now and i guarantee they’ll complain about whatever comes next.

          • judazuk

            I’ll give you no 5 :)
            The hardware I’ve used windows 8 on might be at fault.
            I did not see a big difference from newly installed Windows 8 or a Windows 7 . Both where pretty snappy, but Windows 8 a bit slower, but its a “beta” so.

            7. I would say that we are both wrong on that one. The system requirements for Windows 8 and Windows 7 is almost identical, At least if you look at what Microsoft say. :)

            “- 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
            – 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
            – 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
            – DirectX 9 graphics device”

            There are definitely some improvements in the Task manager, but not enough to justify an upgrade, and the things you loose.

            “As of now, to view all running programs you would need to use a keyboard shortcut like win+tab or alt+tab, which is harder for a user to know/remember than “upper left hand corner.” or even simpler “corners do things””

            Well you kind of do use a keyboard and a mouse on with a Desktop computer. That is my point.
            And I say it is easier to guide a customer of the phone or via e-mail telling them to press alt+tab,… then the corner that will only react if you have you mouse exactly in the right position, and keep it there long enough ..
            I don’t think it is efficient at all ..but that is a matter of choice. I guess. Alt+Tab is lightning fast .. especially if you are changing between 2 programs you are working between a couple of times a minute. Putting the mouse up in a corner, wait , wait some more for some animation .then press choose program takes to long …. does alt+tab work in Windows 8 by the way? I forgot to try it while I had it…. and have uninstalled Windows 8 now .. (thankfully Alt + F4 still works )

          • James_Bartlett

            Microsoft posted some stats on how much faster windows 8 was at rendering(which is what you’re going to experience in day to day use, not processing power for under the hood operations) here

            And Alt+tab does work in windows 8, win+tab does not. But the tile pops immediately when you bring the mouse to any corner, it’s not an issue of waiting. The video here is a little misleading due to a 3 year old’s shaky hands, but the icon does pop up immediately. Even a grandmother knows where upper left is, she is much less likely to know what you mean when you say “hit alt and tab”, or “hit alt tab” To a beginner user, this would require knowing what both the alt and tab buttons were, and knowing that the alt button needs to be pressed, then the tab button, then the tab button again until they get to the desired app. Not nearly as easy for a geriatric with not very spry or flexible fingers. So then you need to explain to hold down the alt key and tap the tab key to switch programs. Pretty complicated if they aren’t familiar with a computer. However, simply stating, “move your mouse to the top left corner, click when a rectangle pops up, now click the program you want”, is much easier to explain. My argument wasn’t that a desktop didn’t have a keyboard, my argument was that average users don’t memorize keyboard shortcuts, they just click on stuff. It’s not one specific pixel they must hit, it’s just sliding the mouse northwest until you can’t go any farther. There literally is nothing you “lose” in a windows 8. the only thing you could claim to “lose” would be the start screen but that’s like claiming you “lost” the program bar in windows xp. You didn’t lose it, it just got upgraded.

          • neilspartacus

            There is no Aero in Win8 so Win+Tab (called Aero Peek) won’t work.
            @judazuk:disqus , here is something for you.. just don’t upgrade to win8 if you think its not for you!! Simple, isn’t it?

          • judazuk

            Well, that is what I’m planning .. I’m planning to buy a new computer at some time though. And still awaiting a clear answer from Microsoft if it is possible to “downgrade” from Windows 8 to Windows 7 , like it was from Vista Ultimate to XP in the past. ..they have still not responed after several weeks.

          • judazuk

            I feel you loose the start button and the start menu.
            Instead you get a huge start screen that takes up all of the screen

            In XP you had a Start menu, in vista you had a new version of the start menu, and in Windows 7 you have an even better start menu…it was an improvement.. but basically it was still a start menu with a start button. And it does not take up the whole screen (file search was greatly reduced in Vista and Win 7 though compared to XP but there are add-ons for that.)

            In over 20 years of experience guiding customers of the phone in support cases it is much easier to tell someone to press some keys on the keyboard in my opinion.

            With some customers you can say upper left corner several times or upper right as it’s mostly in XP -> Win 7 and they still manage to be somewhere completely different. You wouldn’t believe how many people that cant even keep track of left and right.

            But if you tell them to look on their keyboard for buttons on a keyboard, they get it . Maybe it’s just my experience. .but I am worried. I really hope Windows Phone 8, and the Surface will take off and be a success, not so sure about Windows 8 for PC’s though. And if it fails on PC’s it might effect sales of the other platforms I like as well

            PC sales might have dropped the past few years, but that does not mean there are less PC users out there .. It could just be that they hold on to their computers for longer.

            I feel Microsoft is taking a huge gamble here, and i do not want it to affect Microsoft chances in the mobile market.

            Windows 7 might just be the new Windows XP, the OS that refuses to die. Windows 8 has as it looks now all the potential to be a new Millenium or Vista. (and not based on some bogus “every other version of Windows suck” statement .. more the fact that no one I know in IT likes Windows 8, most hate it in fact, and laugh at it. And this is what I work with everyday and I meet a lot of people in this field. If early adopters and the once that usually promote Microsofts products dislike the experience, including me, …it looks bleak

            I hope I’m wrong, but I know one thing for sur, I will not be using it again, anytime soon.

          • meetarnav

            I think ur confused about some of the tech. specs mate. Ask the nearest three year old around you for help!

          • judazuk

            maybe you should join the local debate club at your middle school.

      • GG002

        The start menu was NEVER efficient… Don’t get me wrong, it would be if people kept it organised. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one of anybody I know who organises my Start menu, and even then, I mostly use the search bar. I don’t see how a less boring Start screen can possible make things worse, especially not when you can use that for a little more than storing shortcuts like in traditional Start.

        I think you must not have understood Microsoft’s vision here.. it’s not about changing for the sake of changing; it’s changing for the sake of NEED. We’re going into tablet + PC converging here. Anyone who is like me, and believe you me, there will be countless, will be appreciating that the new Start screen is useable for both touch AND mouse, unlike the old Start, which is almost annoying to use with a mouse already, and definitely a buuuuurn for touch (heck, you must not be old enough if you don’t know about previous touch/tablet PC attempts [which failed on every aspect of touch]). I’m fed up with that old Windows legacy, get the hell rid of it! And MS did, kudos to them for having the balls to do so when they knew people would be whining. That’s what earns my respect.

        • judazuk

          Old enough . *lol* . I still have a HP laptop with touch , and yes, using the start button on this with touch was a pain, even with the pen. This however does not make it better to make the OS only good for touch instead. Why not make it the best for both worlds? more are moving to mobile devices, that is true, but the Desktop PC will live on for years to come.

          So why not make an OS that is optimized and can adapt to different situations and use?

          With profiles and event handleing it is a fairly easy task.

          Example make it possible to customize so as soon as I dock my devices ,the UI design with the “Windows 7 feel” is displayed. As soon as you undock and go mobile in “tablet” mode the start menu becomes optimized for touch. And if you want, you can have the new start screen turned on all the time . Or turned off all the time..

          ” will be appreciating that the new Start screen is useable for both touch AND mouse” I would agree, if I thought it was .. .and I dont.
          Before it was bad with Windows / on a touch devices, be cause it was optimized for Keyboard and mouse only ..
          As I feel, Windows 8 is now bad because in my opinion it is only optimized for touch .

          “I think you must not have understood Microsoft’s vision here”
          nope I do not understand, I admit that.
          I understand the part of they needed to change, and they did.
          …I do not understand why they move from one bad implementation regarding touch devices in windows 7, to a bad implementation regarding input with keyboard and mouse with windows 8.

          I do not understand, because i feel that Microsoft have both the tools and the knowledge to now present a solution that is great and optimized for all hardware. Windows 8 I feel is great on tablets…and with a Mouse, you can navigate, but its not natural and its is clear everything is better if you have a touch panel, every gesture, every motion every application.

    • http://www.sereant.net/ labanex


  • WilSantiago

    Awesome video. Good job!

  • GNexus

    Cute kid! As the proud father of a 3 y/o boy myself, I totally support this video and what you’re trying to demonstrate. In fact, it was my son’s facility with my Windows Phone that convinced my wife to switch to WP from an Android device. Like you, my wife and I limit his time on a device, so his facility with them is a great way to illustrate good vs. poor design for consumer products.

  • mrdeezus

    This is friggin awesome

  • uustudio

    I have a two year old that knows how to use win 8 they just don’t like change

  • judazuk

    It’s not that Windows 8 is difficult to learn .. who thinks that anyway? .. it’s that its usless for work … and how many 3 years olds do actuall work on their computer everyday …? It’s like Office 2007 and 2010 all over again … add 3 steps to everything that only took 1 step before. Why make things more efficient , when you can just make everything take more time to do instead.

    All the video shows is that it’s designed for play, not for work.

    All Windows 8 needs is the possibility to turn of “Microsoft Style UI” then it would be perfect for Phone, Tablet and for a PC.

    Instead Microsoft decides to just go for mobile devices, except for a laptop. No love for professional computer users at all. Instead we make an OS for toys. There are still people that do more then visit Facebook and youtube out there. Some of use actually use the computer as a tool.

    Wouldent it be amazing to have a hybrid laptop/tablet … you use the Metro startmenu while in tablet mode, and when you dock into your keyboard, you get the “Windows 7” experience we know and sometimes even love.?

    replacing Windows 7 with windows 8 if you use your computer everyday as an important tool, is like replacing a capenters toolbox with a wrench and a gameboy.

    Great for a tablet and a phone … on a workcomputer, utterly hopeless.

    • GG002

      Uh, I’d have to strongly disagree on the Office 2007/2010 parallel.. Anybody who thinks the ribbon design makes Office more difficult to learn and use must be a complete idiot. The design of Office 2003 and down were complete nightmares for finding stuff.. there was no sensible structure to finding stuff, whatsoever, and shit kept disappearing or moving place.

      Back to W8, and I’d really have to say that you’re doing the same nonsensical comparison again, because I personally and many others I know find W8 just as productive as W7, if not better, and it’s getting better and better with more accessories customised for W8, as well as current ones getting support for W8 gestures.

      I bet you tried it for a few minutes, if at all, and irrationally decided you don’t like it. You’re not alone, that’s at least comforting, I guess.

      • judazuk

        I never said the ribbon design makes Office more difficult to learn … it just makes Office much less efficient ..

        “The design of Office 2003 and down were complete nightmares for finding stuff.” Really? you can not have used it very much then .. Office 2003 is easy to use, and you can get to anything with one or 2 clicks … you cant with Office 2007 or over.

        I know people that have used it for years, and still hate it and want to get 2003 back.. and they use 2007 or 2010 everyday.

        ” I personally and many others I know find W8 just as productive as W7, if not better” Really , how? Productive for what? Can you have 10 windows open at the same time ? Can you force all applications to NOT start in full screen ?

        I tried it for a week, everyday … but I had to give it up… i need to work not cant waste time to jump from one full screen application to another.. I just checked the status of 10 programs … and what the weather is like. It all took less then 1 second .. an you do that in windows 8? … nope, I bet you can’t

        Yeah. .. accessories … to make your desktop computer act like it had a touch screen, forcing the hardware to adapt to the OS strange UI design, instead of the other way around. Why design an OS forcing new hardware to be developed, when there is no need, and no point to it? . All Microsoft had to do was to add a start menu, and the possibility to choose how you want to use the computer .. Then they would have a winner on all formats. Table, Desktop, an Mobile phones…. but no .. that would be practical.

        Can you give me one example of a thing Windows 8 is more efficient at then Windows 7?

        And by the way … calling everyone that doesn’t agree with you an idiot is hardly anything that helps you .

        ” irrationally decided you don’t like it” .. whats irrational about it ..

        • Tips_y

          Hey, take a lesson from the 3-year old in the video, maybe, just maybe, you might improve!

          • judazuk

            what opening the wrong programs, and showing just how inefficient it is to use on a desktop? Even the father comments in the video that its “a little tricky for you to user the mouse”

            (…and why would you ever want an application that in full screen shows just the time .. ?)

        • http://www.facebook.com/DracheMitch Mitch Hancock

          From the Search Charm I can search for applications (desktop and Metro) settings, files and can initiate search in any application that uses search.
          Every app that has search I have one consistent place to use search. Search is a built-in function of the RunTime.

          • judazuk

            In windows 7 I only have to hit the Windows button and start typing, no matter what program/programs I’m running
            Then hit enter.

            With the Local Policy Group Editor I can even enable Internet search from here.

          • http://www.facebook.com/DracheMitch Mitch Hancock

            And that initiates search within the current application, interesting! Because you would be the only person that happens for. BTW, starting to type in any app immediately starts searching if the app is not in text entry mode.

          • judazuk

            No it does not search inside the current application .. to do that you hit F3 . I meant to search the Internet or for files, folders and applications.

        • KBSin

          @judazuk:disqus – -the only reason you find Office 2003 much more efficient is because you have gotten efficient at using it. Before office 2007, Microsoft has not made any significant changes to office so after using it for so many years, people just got use to it and remember where things are and all the shortcuts. It does not mean if you give someone who has never used office in their lives both Office 2003 and 2007, that they would find 2003 more efficient. Trying to be unbiased, a brand new user would probably prefer Office 2007.

          • judazuk

            Sure there is truth in that .. Using Office 2003 or older similar versions of Office has a huge impact on how i feel about the ribbon. But not even a Microsoft representative trying to sell in the new version (when i worked at a retailer could counter the fact that it was more steps in Offce 2007 to do one single task ,then it is in 2003 ..

            my experience with new users to Office , they find it difficult to use Office 2007, then they end up downloading Libra office or some other Office clone, that is more similar to Office 2003, and they understand it better almost immediately.

            Some of the once that has never used Office at all before gotten it from a pre-install trial on their computers, and when the trial is up they go to Google docs or a Office clone .

        • mrdeezus

          I have 20 windows open right now while in desktop mode windows 8.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      windows 7 start menu doesn’t make anything more productive or efficent than new start screen. so from that think your comment is retarded and stupid.
      specially when desktop software works the same as win7.
      install 50+ software in your computer and enjoy go to “all progams” everytime you want to find a software you dont use much but you need. (so it wont be in MFU)
      its amazing how people like you appear commenting. and with stupid analogies and full of BS.
      but hey, i wonder how i play videogames, work and study in windows 8, maybe it works better in my computer? /s

      • judazuk

        really …. lets see who can get to the real Control panel first. Or turn of the computer, or for that matter search for a program while still watching what happens in 3 other programs at the same time.

        With the start menu in Windows 7 I can have my office document, photoshop and a browser on screen at the same time as i navigate the start menu… in Windows 8 you cant , at all.

        Really you can have a browser with information up, while writing in Word and Excel and have a calculator up at the same time in Windows 8, and while doing a search for a document from the start menu, and convert some currency on the fly?

        So would Windows 8 be terrible if there was a start button while in Desktop mode and the possibility to turn of the “metro” interface if you wanted to? Why would that be so terrible?
        Would that make it non usable for a tablet, no … would it make it terrible on a phone, no , so why not give the users options?

        I have nothing against Windows 8 on a tablet, it’s the Apple like lack of choice for the user, that is not like Microsoft, that I have a problem with. All they needed to make Windows 8 the ultimate OS on any hardware platform is in my opinion a start button.

        I respect your opinion, and don’t think it is retarded or stupid, but your behavior in your response on the other hand is that of a spoiled 5 year old and makes you seem like full fledged idiot.

        How about showing some respect for a different opinion then your own and act your age,…or maybe you are..

        • mrdeezus

          I just did it left click then right click…same as it ever was….

        • W8Lover

          Well at least turning off the computer is faster in win8…just hit the power button :)

    • Tips_y

      From your comment, it’s obvious you have less brain matter compared to the 3-year old in the video.

      • judazuk

        and for your comment it just shows that if you can’t present a valid argument, lets just go for a personal attack instead.

        • AK_91

          I am going through the comments and all I see is you bashing people who are supporting windows 8. If you have some personal problems using windows 8, please don’t go blaming the OS and telling people its worthless

          • judazuk

            Then you better read them again. .. it rather me be being personally attacked for not loving everything about Windows 8, beeing callwd retarded , idiot stupid, and so on.

            and I’m trying to point out things i think microsoft could have done better and pointing out what I think is a misstake in windows 8.

            “All they needed to make Windows 8 the ultimate OS on any hardware platform is in my opinion a start button.I respect your opinion” mm sounds like bashing? but
            the following is not?
            “I think ur confused about some of the tech. specs mate. Ask the nearest three year old around you for help!”

            “Hey, take a lesson from the 3-year old in the video, maybe, just maybe, you might improve!”

            “Ah, therein lies the problem. Most of the whiners don’t have half a brain. 😉 ”
            “From your comment, it’s obvious you have less brain matter compared to the 3-year old in the video.”
            “windows 7 start menu doesn’t make anything more productive or efficent than new start screen. so from that think your comment is retarded and stupid.”
            The worse ones from a few hours ago seem to be gone now though.
            Huge respect to ‘KBSin ‘, ‘ Matthew Becker •’James_Bartlett: and a few others that I actually could have a discussion with . There is no need for everyone to agree, but its nice to know that some people still can be civil.
            (Calling everyone that disagrees with you an idiot … hardly makes anyone take any argument after that serious. (this is not directed to you AK_91 by the way)) its not far from calling someone a poopyhead in the playground)
            To promote Windows 8, if this is something someone wants to do , is not made by calling anyone that have concerns about the new way of working, stupid .

  • http://twitter.com/desiibond Amarendra Bandla

    The thing is 90% of users have intelligence less than that of a 3yr old when it comes to using electronics. They will find it hard but yeah, they will eventually get used to W8 after crying a bit.

    • judazuk

      Windows 8 is not electronics though, its software running on electronics :)

      • AK_91

        you are missing the point though

        • judazuk

          you missed the point to, it was a joke.

  • Matthew Becker

    I still don’t buy it. Sure, you can navigate through apps easily enough, but separating the desktop from the Start screen is just a strange thing for me. Either concentrate on the full desktop, like in previous versions of Windows, or transform it entirely to require functionality from the “Start screen.” Don’t do both; switching back and forth between them is, yes, confusing. I can be swayed, but as of right now I am seeing no incentive to upgrade from 7.

    • judazuk

      I agree. I love the concept on a tablet, but on a desktop it’s just confusing and less efficient in my opinion. Still waiting for any explanation or example for anything that becomes more efficient to do it this way, from anyone.

      (Just love Windows Phone 7.5 by the way. :) Now that is fast, efficient, and makes perfect sense)

      • mrdeezus

        No its not. I have been using the consumer preview since it was released. And for about 2/3 that time have been in desktop mode. Just recently did I switch over to the windows start screen when I wanted to check out the store and test some features out I saw in a video called windows 8 in 5 minutes. Im trying to understand all the complaining you guys do about this. Its simple click desktop tile and don’t look back.

        • judazuk

          and how do you get the start menu in the desktop?
          Without it taking over the whole screen

          • Flatbushe21

            if no one will say it I will. u are just a fucking idiot who keeps asking for things that he knows wont be in windows 8. Dumbass. I don’t know why people attempt to answer your obviously stupid questions.

          • judazuk

            I’m well aware of whats not in Windows 8, I want to know what the benefits are compared to for instance Windows 7 when using it on a desktop. I already know it’s great on a tablet since it’s optimized for a touch screen.

            Once again … lack of arguments and a sensible thing to say, you do like a lot of the rest..you go for the personal attack instead. …. is that how you think you can progress in anything in life? Calling anyone that questions what you like an idiot?


          • mrdeezus
          • mrdeezus

            Also for your enjoyment, please enable closed captioning

  • Sizzzmo

    Ask your kid to navigate to ‘My Computer’ to check your RAM.

    • AK_91

      and why would he need to do that?

  • http://josedmorales.net/ Joe Morales

    Oh boy, this is quite a direct video response to Chris Pirillo’s dad. LMAO.

  • Windows 8

    Amazing !! I loved the video.
    LOLz I wish this video to be shown to that crappy chris pirrelo who calls himself a GEEK and that network administrator gal who didn’t anything about the wonderful OS 😉
    Superb !!

  • http://www.rwalrond.com RWalrond

    Looks like the 4 year olds are also getting in on the act!
    All half a brain people head for the hills!!!

  • Max

    For all german speaking people wich still has problems to use Windows 8, this video on Youtube should be helpful: http://youtu.be/IEHdU_pbxk0

  • maxpert

    He writes: “I read these tech pundits and journalists discussing how hard it’s gonna be for the general public to learn the new UI of Windows 8. Nonsense. …”

    My question who in the world at age of 3 would be interested in reading pundits and journalists :/

  • jimmydee

    If only all I needed to do on Windows was the same stuff this 3 year old wants to do.

    Open start screen. Close start Screen. Check the time. Close the time. Check the weather.

    I use the start menu constantly. And as your little 3 year old pointed out – there IS no start menu. I use it to bring up document programs’ history. I use the taskbar to run 5-8 windows of 8 or 9 programs. Photoshop, Word, Excel, you know, work kind of stuff.

    And I use dual language in Win7 Ultimate almost every day.

    See how your 3 year old does with that in win8.