32% of business employees want Windows on their BYOD tablet, only 26% want iPads


After polling nearly 10,000 “information workers” Forrester Research found 32% of employees preferred a Windows to power their next tablet.

12% wanted Windows 7 on their tablet while 20% wanted Windows 8.

Forrester commented that “Windows 8 has higher interest than we expected among employees” and that it “bodes well for Windows 8’s prospects for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) demand.”

They suggested employees will force IT to have a formal support policy for Windows 8 for employee-owned devices and that Windows 8 will accelerate BYOD demand.

Read more at Forrester.com here.

Via Fiercemobile.it

  • Bugbog

    It’s Just A Matter Of Time!…

  • darthtigris
  • Jdrm03

    I was telling my brother what is neat about the surface pro is you can just setup a monitor and have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse in the office, and just connect your surface pro via hdrmi and you got your computer adn when it’s time to go home, all you have to do is take the surface pro and you got your consumption device for when at home.

  • jimski27

    There you go. Employees will see the value of Win 8 long before their IT departments do. Nobody like change. But you can’t stop it.

  • AS147

    Well IT can’t complain about its’ biggest issues with other non Windows devices – security, management and training! It is just another Windows PC so will be managed and secured using current tools and skill sets. More importantly the apps will require no retraining so after a few minutes learning the touch controls (charms, closing the app and switching between apps) they should be good to go.