3D Boat Race Free Game Now Available For Windows 8

Click here to get the game now!

After totalizing 900,000 downloads on the Windows Phone, 3D Boat Race now becomes available on Windows 8 as well, with an improved version that allows you to race against more accurate replays of your human opponents’ races, in two different boat categories.

With improved physics, tested Windows Surface RT compatibility and full keyboard, mouse, touch and accelerometer controls support, this new version extends the thrill of true racing to your bigger screens.

100 different tracks, built-in boat painting editor, global leaderboards where you can admire boat paint designs from other human players are only some features of this unique, addictive boat racing game!

3D Boat Race is free and available now at the Windows Store.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xplyct Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

    Just installed windows about 30 mins ago, I’m gonna try this game out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/xplyct Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

      Wow, graphics sucx, hoping for some Asphalt 7.

  • OliverLx

    Cool, works also on Windows RT on Surface :-)

  • MjGad

    you can’t play this game with a joystick…