3DMark Benchmarking App Now Available For Windows 8/RT Devices

3Dmark Windows Store

A popular 3D benchmarking tool 3DMark is now available for download from Windows Store for Windows 8/RT devices. With this tool, we can now compare the fastest Windows RT, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


Benchmark your device with 3DMark, the world’s most popular performance test.

Use 3DMark to test the gaming performance of your Windows RT device, then see how it compares with other models. You can even compare your benchmark test scores with smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS or Windows.

3DMark is used by millions of people, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world’s leading technology companies. It’s the industry standard benchmark for graphics performance measurement, a professional level diagnostic tool now available to everyone for free!

Use 3DMark Ice Storm for device-to-device comparisons of mainstream mobile devices. Ice Storm is an DirectX 11 feature level 9 benchmark test that uses fixed off-screen rendering at 720p then scales the output to fit the native display resolution of your device. Ice Storm includes two graphics tests designed to stress the GPU performance of your device and a physics test to stress its CPU performance.

Use 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme for device-to-device comparisons of high performance mobile devices. Ice Storm Extreme raises the off-screen rendering resolution to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects in the graphics tests to create a more demanding load for the latest smartphones and tablets.

Use 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited for chip-to-chip comparisons of the hardware inside your device without vertical sync, display resolution scaling and other operating system factors affecting the result. In Unlimited mode the rendering engine uses a fixed time step between frames and renders exactly the same frames in every run on every device. The frames are rendered in 720p resolution “offscreen” while the display is updated with small frame thumbnails every 100 frames to show progress.

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • counterblow

    the results won’t be good…

    • nohone

      Some people have run various benchmark tools on Surface 2 then compared them to Surface RT performance numbers. The test generally showed the Surface 2 being 2X faster than RT. While perf of Surface RT was not great, it got the job done for games like Halo Spartan Assault, web browsing, etc. And if Surface 2 is twice as fast, it will be more than capable.

      • counterblow

        I’m speaking of the Surface, not the Surface 2.

        • nohone

          I am talking about both. Perf is up about 2X in the Surface 2. One of the general complaints about Surface RT was the perf, and if they addressed that win Surface 2 then they will look good. Of course then people will find some other non-issue to complain about…

          • soder

            RT performance IS an issue, so thats in fact a valid complaint. I tend to accept the low performance of RT for the favor of battery life though.. but if Surface RT 2 has similar (or even better) battery life, with 2x performance, I would need to seriously consider buying the new, and trying to fool some stupid for selling to him my old one.

          • whatup12

            or just got to a best buy (if in US) and get 200 for it. I did that last week and then preordered from msft (want the msft care warranty). i will use the 200 to buy my mom a new 8.1 computer on cyber Monday.

          • soder

            I bought it last dec for 640 USD incl. tax with touch cover.. not gonna throw it away for 200…

          • whatup12

            i hear you. but the touch cover would stay and sunk cost is sunk cost. I bought mine refurbished for 200 on ebay…so selling back to best buy for 200 was a no brainer.

      • Cruncher

        For a GPU heavy Benchmark like 3D Mark the Surface 2 probably is at least factor 4 faster than Surface RT.
        To put this into perspective the top mobile CPUs are:
        1) Snapdragon 800: 15000-18000
        2) Tegra 4: 13000-15000
        3) BayTrail: 10000-12000
        Tegra 3 (Surface RT): <4000

        • nohone

          The numbers I was looking at (from a site that competes with the WP site related to this one, so I don’t want to link to it) some of the numbers were about 1.5x, some were 3x or 4x. So I was a bit conservative in estimating an overall when writing 2x as fast. At 2x is will be much better, at 3x or 4x, it will even be better than that.

  • Andreas Luebbers

    On my Surface Pro (running 8.1) it tells me that it is too fast for the first one tests. The Surface RT is very bad in comparation to other devices :( I am waiting for he new generation of Surface Devices to compare them.

  • Bearox Sun

    SurfaceRT is almost worse than Ipad3 in every aspect。