500 days of Windows XP support left–isn’t it about time to upgrade


Windows XP extended supports ends in 500 days.  This means Microsoft will no longer provide patches and security fixes fort he venerable OS, and any companies using the OS will have to deal with any security holes themselves.

According to NetMarketShare a massive 40% of internet users are still using Windows XP, which was released in October 2001, with Asia a stronghold for the OS, likely due piracy. It is unlikely these users will be upgrading any time soon. Close to 20% of internet users in North America are still on XP however, and are missing out on the productivity improvements of the more modern OS.

Jack Schofield from ZDNet warns businesses who continue to use the now outdates OS open themselves to liability and accusations of neglect if they were hacked due to a hole in the unsupported OS.  Similar to driving a 15 year old polluting car with poor gas mileage, still running Windows XP costs the business more money and place others at risk.

With more modern operating systems being more secure, stable and reliable, is it not time for that last 20% to get with the times?

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    The question is: Will giving away Windows 8 Pro for free, even make them update their OSes……?

    Sometimes you can’t blame Microsoft (OS maker), the computer or the chair. You blame the users.

    I haven’t tried loading Windows 8 onto an XP machine, but I have on a Vista machine. I can say that Windows 8 makes the computer faster. So, I would assume the on an XP machine, it would make the computer faster, smoother, more stable, etc….

    Maybe what Microsoft needs to do is make Windows 8 Pro upgrades cheaper….?

    $15 for a download, $30 for a DVD….?

    And then push their “subscription” services heavily? (to recoup the money)

    But, it may be also a type to push newer computers that have multi-touch gesture support, touch displays, etc… as well!

    Actually, with Windows 8, it /is/ a good time to start pushing new hardware to take advantage of all the new stuff with Windows 8!

  • Frostie

    Windows XP was a revolutionary version of windows at its time.

    It uses waaay less resources than Win8.

    Still works great.

    So it’s still revered to this very day.

    • Tumultus


      You should do a little bit research and you would learn that Windows XP actually was faced with heavy resistance! Only after SP2, people finally embraced the OS and XP became the myth that it is today.

      Just use a search engine of your choice and type “Windows XP sucks” – have fun reading!

      Here 1 to get you started (Tom’s Hardware Forums, 2004):

  • http://www.claimid.com/koolinus kOoLiNuS

    Unfortunately at the moment Windows 8 IS NOT the operating system to update to.

    Many design flaws are inside the latest born of Microsoft and probably people will update to the ‘old’ Windows 7 or will wait if in these 500 day Microsoft can come up with a better “idea” of their leading product.

    Time will tell …

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1198150213 Joe Murray

    Hey, don’t knock my old truck! And it’s 20 years old, not 15!