5,000,000 blind searchers says Bing is twice as good as Google


While Bing has been making steady progress in growing market share against Google, many remain unconvinced that searches are better when powered by Microsoft.  Bingiton is Microsoft’s latest Bing campaign which was launched a couple weeks ago in order to decide which search engine really offered the best result; without people being biased towards Bing or Google.  Microsoft has now announced after more than 5 million blind tests that users have chosen Bing results 2:1 over Google.  Ideally, Bingiton will convince the public that is is worth switching to the search engine that offers the best results on the internet.

Following on from their success with Bingiton, Microsoft will launch a ‘Bingiton sweepstakes’, where Bing users have a chance of winning Microsoft-themed prizes, such as a Microsoft Surface tablet, Lifecam Studio Webcam, Office Home and Business 2010 and many more. 

Also, be sure to look out for Microsoft’s new TV ad campaign, which encourages Google users to use Bing as their default search option!

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  • Lasp24

    Microsoft is managing to beat Google at what made them popular, and Microsoft pretty much just started. Well Done Microsoft.

  • Mini_Me

    Sorry, guys, not quite there yet with Bing. As a test, I tried to find my own company using the keywords that our clients usually use to find us – service + location. Google displayed us as #2 on their list, followed by our competition. Bing for the same search term, listed 7 pages of job postings from various sites, shuffling us to the page #8, preceded by our competition from another country (not localized), listing other companies from the same industry and location on pages 13 and 14 respectively. Not good, Bing, not good at all. I am sticking with Google.

    • Henrik

      If you clear your browser cache and log out of your connected Google Account (which stores your previous searches and interests), and then try to do the same search. Are you still #2? Or perhaps do the same search from another, “clean”, computer.

      The search results are rarely the same for everyone, so just because you find your own company on 2nd place doesn’t mean everyone else does it. It might not even show up on the first page at all.

  • wp77

    I would like to use Bing but can’t since it doesn’t offer time range tools that google does. For example if I search for Windows 8 sites or news I might want to limit results to the past week. I can’t do this with Bing :-(

    • iwanttoleaveacomment

      Uhh…yeah you can. At least I can. Maybe the feature isn’t available to you were you’re located.
      Try this: Do a search. Click on “News”. Then under the search bar you can limit by “Past hour”, “Past 24 hours”, or “Past 7 days”. You can then sort by “Best match” or “Most recent”. I use this feature daily.
      If you want, you can then even add a “Web Slice” in Internet Explorer to be constantly updated when new news posts on your search topic.

      • wp77

        I’m in Canada. I searched for Barack Obama on bing.com and clicked News. I only see Best Match/Most Recent. I did the same search on a VM box in the US and I did get the Limit By option. Funny thing is I copied the url from the US VM box to my local browser and it would not return the Limit By date option. And it is the exact same url. Strange…

        Also. google has the date options on any search, plus a whole lot more. I wish Bing could add some of these options. Can it be that hard to do?

  • ArcticGB

    The campaign is not called ‘bingiton’ (that just looks silly) it is called Bing It On (as in bring it on).

  • http://twitter.com/hurrdedurp123 s

    My LifeCam studio webcam broke, might try to win a new one.

  • Jorma Eräjorma

    The searchers sure have to be blind!

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Funny, since I took it about a dozen time and there wasn’t one time I picked bing over Google.

    There are countless of times where I tried switching over to bing, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    I wouldn’t mind using bing, but so far it isn’t as good as Google (search engine wise).