A brief look at the Windows 8 soft keyboard in build 7955

windows8keyboardWindows8Italia has published this brief look at the Windows 8 keyboard in Build 7955.  They note the keyboard is extremely responsive, and easier to use because it features less keys, hiding special function and numeric keys and leaving more space for the QWERTY keys, unlike the Windows 7 keyboard.

The video also shows “mouse trails” for touch, a new Windows 8 feature that makes actions feel more certain.

Read more at Windows8Italia here.

  • http://www.rwalrond.com RWalrond

    Sadly, this keyboard is going to slow me down compared to the one that’s in Windows 7. I often use numbers and letters in passwords and things like that. It is now going to take an extra keystroke just to switch to get numbers. I hope they offer an option to display the keyboard currently available in Windows 7.

    • Hotmail Alias

      Its still early days, but I’m sure there will be few options for keyboard and they may be customisable to some extent to suit individual needs. The soft keyboard in WP7 has no other option but it is absolutely spot on and for the kind of things you type on a phone it does 95% of the job without any difficulty. However on laptops and tablets, people have diverse requirements. So it will make sense to give several options in Windows 8.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willem.evenhuis Willem Evenhuis

    missing the TIP function in this demo, compared to the windows 7 keyboard and TIP. windows 8 for tablet ought to have the inking function added as well.