A Must Watch Video From David Pogue: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Takes On Apple iPad Air

David Pogue, a well known NYT tech editor who was known for his hatred towards Microsoft products has now joined Yahoo editorial team. Today he posted a video and an article on the recently revealed Surface Pro 3 device. Surprisingly, he was well impressed with the Surface Pro 3 device. The video he posted comparing an iPad to a Surface Pro 3 is so great that even Microsoft can publish it as a promo video. I’m sure this video and his post will be an eye-opener for many consumers who really had no idea about what Surface can do.

Here is the last few words from his post,

But if you own or carry around both a tablet and a laptop, then the Surface is calling out your name. There’s nothing like it.

It’s so much better than the sales figures would indicate. We, the buying public, are not giving it a fair shake.

If this marvel of engineering doesn’t lift the Microsoft hardware curse, I don’t know what its designers are supposed to do. Maybe join a self-help group with Cassandra and Sisyphus.

Read the complete post here. Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

  • GG002

    Quite weird but quite funny at the same time! The video does point out that this is not the iPad, but that it can make you stop using the iPad.


    Agree with all points and as a Surface Pro user happy that is starting to jump ahead with such features however must admit that Microsoft is taking long time to implement the main features which is keeping it behind (e.g. Cortana, releasing Windows Phone 8.1 to allow IE sync and much more and etc…)
    Getting there though :-)

    • Sean D.

      Wait… so implementing Cortana, which has only been “released” for a little over a month is somehow holding the Surface back??
      Did I read that right?

      • NITSUK

        I agree, maybe it was worded incorrectly; from personal view where Microsoft is going wrong is that they are releasing globally in delay whereas when Google or Apple announce an new OS or feature it is more or less live within minutes at times, Microsoft is going in the correct direction however needs do it faster considering that they have the contacts and financial backup.

        • nohone

          Apple’s devices have taken weeks before they ship, the iPhone White was announced and it took a year for it to be available. They announced the Mac pro and didn’t ship it for another 6 months, and then it was shipping in such small quantities that they didn’t start fulfilling orders for another 3-4 months. Apple announced iTunes Radio in June 2013, made it available 3 months later, and it is only available in the US and Australia. People like to claim how horrible Xbox music is because they only support 23 countries, but for similar features Google only supports 27 – not exactly available for everyone around the world.

          • NITSUK

            I’m under the impression you are assuming I’m against Microsoft therefore I will clear the air; it’s essential for a company to know what it needs to improve on and also it is healthy to have competition otherwise there would be minimal innovation hence why it is important to know what others do right or wrong to learn from and this is why we are sharing in comments here.

            Yes we are all aware that Microsoft does fantastic work hence why we are on a Microsoft News page :-)

          • Bugbog

            I don’t believe he’s ‘assuming’ that. He’s just pointing out, discussion-wise, that it’s not always correct to “assume” that Microsoft is behind the competition in everything it does.

            And just so you know, Microsoft can’t be ‘behind’ on Windows 8, given they are currently the only Operating System in the World that is merging technologies into an AIO system capable of being used in any form factor and with any method of input.

          • NITSUK

            I agree with you, thank you for pointing that out forgot it’s discussion and not comment area :-p

          • VeetQZ

            Android is being used for Phones, tablets and PC device already.

          • Robert

            Android for PCs? Comparing Android to an OS like Windows? Thanks for the laugh. 😀 😀 😀

          • nohone

            I didn’t say you were against MS. Quite simply there is a misguided belief that Apple, Google, etc. ship their products shortly after being announced, and they are available everywhere around the world. I was giving examples where that is not true.

          • Guest

            Still talking about competition, do you ever make a post about the topic?

            I do hope you find some happiness.

    • donzebe

      I think so too, that Cortana should be made available to all windows devices ASAP

  • donzebe

    Funny and informative

  • OC

    Great video!

  • VeetQZ

    Surface 3 is a great, be it expensive, laptop, though too heavy to be a good tablet.

    • nohone

      The iPad 1 weighed 730 grams. Surface Pro 3 weighs 800 grams. Some people claimed the iPad 1 was too heavy, and they were immediately attacked for being a hater. But everywhere I read that the Pro 3 is so very heavy. I would like to know how a 9% increase in weight somehow makes this tablet with much more functionality and designed to be bigger is so much worse than that first iPad?

      • VeetQZ

        It just makes it sound worse comparing Surface 3 to a first generation product that was made over 4 years ago. Specially when it turns out to be lighter then 2014 Surface.

        I hope your not trying to say it will take Microsoft another 4 more years to get down to iPad Air weight.

        • Drake Richter

          You’re joking, right? Surely you’re just trying to look dumb for a laugh, because anyone with half a clue knows that a something with a 12″ screen and core-series processor is going to be heavier than anything running a 9.7″ screen and an inferior low-power ARM chip. The fact that they’ve gotten it down to that weight only four years after the original iPad WHILE adding other features you can’t even find on the current iPad is a testament to their engineering capabilities.

          Put a decent case on an iPad Air and you’re almost to surface 3 weight, by the way. We’re talking less than a pound of difference. If that genuinely causes you trouble then you probably need to work out.

        • tegz

          it only sounds worse if you’re an idiot. the ipad runs a glorified app launcher while the surface pro runs a full desktop OS. a few grams difference in weight is well worth it. this is the problem the surface pro has: people keep wrongly comparing it to the ipad. think of it as an ultrabook without the keyboard.

          • Guest

            Microsoft keeps calling it a tablet :(

            Kind kind of a tablet, kind of a laptop, kind of in the middle of the road… Like a dead skunk, like surface sales numbers, both stink :(

          • Maya_Ayala

            Isn’t that like comparing the iPad to a LCD monitor with the guts of a cell phone? The Surface Pro 3 is a tablet for REAL productivity via REAL software rather than tablet that is more or less a large cell phone that runs a set of apps.

        • Maya_Ayala

          The Surface Pro 3 is also much (20%) larger than the iPad 1 or Surface Pro 2. It has a bigger hard drive, more RAM and extra hardware features (e.g., micro SD slot for extended flash memory, etc…) than the iPad or even Surface 2. It will obviously be heavier, but I think that it is remarkable that it is still quite light for what it brings.

  • avi

    I want a pro 3 now

  • Sascha Dittmann

    Since the embedded video seems to be broken, here is an alternative: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/if-you-had-to-be-a-tragic-mythological-figure-86496376264.html

  • tomakali

    Noone can bash about current generation microsoft product if they really use it for a min 3 months… i started to believe only after 3 months. its awful for first 3 months… going back to other products after 3 months has definitely made me feel how wonderful the microsoft products are [Nokia Lumia 1520, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Surface]. Now Microkia Rocks…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004906743437 Michael Smith

    The video window is black, no video shows up! I tried both on Firefox 29 and Internet Explorer 11 and the same happens! I have Windows 7 Ultimate.