A Simple Accessory Called Ears Is Improving Low Volume Levels On The Surface Tablets

If you are a Surface tablet owner, you might have definitely hoped for a better speakers/sound experience from Microsoft. It is more of a hardware and design, so you can’t Microsoft to fix it via any upcoming Windows update. There is a simple accessory solution called Ears that allows you to increase the low volume levels on the Surface tablets.  They don’t require wires, a power source or batteries.


The Ears for Surface tablet are small silicone pieces that slip over the top corners of your Surface RT/2 or Pro/2.  They cover the speakers and redirect the sound to the front.  Thereby, you get an increase in 10dB loudness and clearer sound when listening to music or watching movies.

When the Surface first came out, the max sound level was very low.  Many people complained about it, and Microsoft updated the Surfaces to make them louder, but not much. Ears make up for the fact that the speakers on the Surface are not facing you. They work by simply redirecting the sound without using a power source.

Ears are small, lightweight, and won’t interfere with use of the Surface.  If you bump or move the Surface, or even hold it upside down; they won’t fall off.  You can put them in your pocket or put them in your Surface’s bag as they take little room.  They are a convenient way to increase the sound of your Surface.

Surface Ears 1 Surface Ears 2

The project is on Kickstarter now. The early bird offer of getting Surface Ears for just $5 is over now. Hurry now to get it for $10!

Order it here now.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    ah yes, but it’s also a software issue. I’m noticing that movies via the movie app is difficult to listen to when even listening with bluetooth speakers. I have to crank up the volume to max to hear a movie properly. With the music app music is clearly louder through the same speakers, it’s definitely louder than the speakers on the surface.

    • Bugbog

      I don’t have this issue. Ever since the second volume update the audio has been more than adequate. If anything, in a normal ambient noise environment (i.e. tv in another room, pc running, sounds from outdoors etc) I can keep it as low as 30. For games with music I have to turn it as low as 8!

      • WatanaLu45

        I love my surface but do have to say sound sucks. I pretty much given up watching movies on it.

        • john

          When you have the surface on your lap cup your hands on both top corners.works 😉

          • kcmatt

            Ha, I do this all the time! Been thinking for a while- if only they had put speakers on the front…

        • Bugbog

          My sympathies! I have no issues with sound whatsoever since the update. Use it to watch Sky News all the time, music play and TV shows. (Took it on holiday recently, connected to the Villa wifi to download my shows and watched away!)

  • http://mobilechaos.net/ Concept

    I’ve done something similar with my original Surface RT.


  • anujgoyal

    this can also be done using paper cups

  • kain0m

    Nice idea. I’ll gladly waste 12$ should they not work perfectly…

  • LudoGond

    Easy fix no need for any addon. Just right click on volume icon select playback devices and double click on speaker. Than go to enhancement tab an play with the setting while playing something you can boost the volume of Windows RT by almost double…

  • Randomdude

    Or just put it up against the wall, haha!