A True Bing Fan

Longtime tech enthusiast, Microsoft & Nokia fan WinRUs (as he is known by his twitter handle) is also a true Bing fan.  He posted some pictures of his new license plate which reads “BING IT.”  I think Microsoft is set on keeping Bing long term, and his investment will fare better than the guy who got the Zune tattoo.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of and Bing use it as my primary search engine.

smart car

The smart car the license plate is going on

Bing It 1

Picture of the plate on the smart car

Bing It 2

Close up of the license plate

Microsoft Shirt Apple

Mr. WinRUs Trolling with a Microsoft shirt in front of the Apple Store

Source: WINS-Я-US

  • Ruufus

    Go Team Windows!

  • FateStayNight


  • http://flickr.com/daiax DaiaX

    Honk honk!

  • jksportgraffix

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