ABI Research: Windows 8 debut will boost ultrabook sales to 21 million this year


Ultrabook notebooks never really set the market on fire, but according to ABI Research all the slim laptops really needed was a good dose of Windows 8.

“One of the biggest factors hindering ultrabook sales has been the awaited launch of Windows 8,” said ABI senior analyst Josh Flood. “However, with the launch of Windows 8, we may see a double whammy effect. A number of consumers have held off from computer purchases so they could purchase an ultrabook with Windows 8 during the year. Furthermore, with the abundance of new ultrabook model releases, older systems’ prices will reduce and this will entice purchases from the low to mid-range price segment.”

ABI Research expects 21 million ultrabooks to be sold this year, with half to the North American continent,followed by the Western European and Asia-Pacific markets. The number is close to double Apple’s projected total Macbook shipments in 2012, which is expected to amount to only 13.8 million units this year.

Via Yahoo.com

  • auziez

    what, isn’t w8 a failure? /s

    • Tirinti

      Touchless low ress display with WP8 is failure like single core and 512MB was with Vista.

  • Tirinti

    I will buy one if they release ultrabook with 11-13″ 1080p multitouch screen with i5 or i7, 8GB RAM, Ethernet, USB3 and HDMI or even better Thunderbolt.

    Del XPS 12 duo would be great if it had Ethernet and cost a little less.

  • Kleppe

    Buy Dell XPS 12. 1080p screen, I7, 8GB ram. I have it! fantastic combination between pc and tablet. Super fast, super screen.