Acer, Asustek And Lenovo Have Joined Microsoft’s IDP For Next Generation Windows


According to a report from Digitimes based on its sources from the upstream supply chain, Microsoft has finished the preparation for its integrated development program (IDP) for the upcoming version of Windows. It was also reported that several OEMs including Acer, Asus and Lenovo have joined the project. Acer is also working on a device powered by Nvidia processor.

Acer reportedly will also cooperate with Nvidia to develop a device using the new operating system. Instead of having its chip making partners choosing the participants of the IDP, Microsoft decided to pick the candidates itself and has welcomed most first-tier brand vendors to participate in the project.

Source: Digitimes

  • donzebe

    Hope ACER’s Executives will show some respect this time around.

    • grs_dev

      All the rhetoric about demand for Win 8 and Win products in general is just big words for asking Microsoft for more favorable pricing. Google Chrome is not going anywhere any time soon. Microsoft know that and they’re not budging a whole lot. So what’s an OEM got to do Microsoft?