Acer CEO still whinging about the Microsoft Surface


It seems Acer will just not stop complaining about Microsoft releasing their own Windows tablet.

Acer President for Greater China, Linxian Lang, has said he expects Microsoft will find building their own hardware like eating “hard rice.”

It had previously said  that the Surface would have a “negative impact” on the Windows ecosystem and urged Microsoft to “think twice” about its decision to build the device, adding that it doesn’t think the Windows maker will be good at it.

With more and more rumours of more Microsoft-branded hardware, including a Surface phone and Xbox Surface tablet, I think Acer will just have to get used to the new reality.

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  • Davey

    He’s always free to bugger off & make some Chromebooks… 😀

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Dear Acer: I would love to check your new Windows 8 tablets out, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

    Looking at your W500 series tablet, if you slapped in an ARM CPU into there and made it ARM powered, you could drop the price to $500 for the 32GB and $550 for the 64GB. (Maybe even slightly less). Which his not at all a bad pricing.

    It looks like your dock costs $200. Which does not seem to be a bad pricing, considering it packs some ports as well and appears to be high quality and can be used in laptop mode.

    I think you hit the ball out of the park with your W500 series tablet. What I suggest doing is make an ARM version. Keyboard dock? I suggest making it thicker and stick possibly more ports in there but for sure a battery.

    Price? I say $500 for the 32GB and $550 for the 64GB. $150 to $200 for the dock.

    Lets say 10 hour battery life with the tablet and a total of 20 hour battery life with the dock. For $700? Not bad for the 32GB version. $750 for the 64GB version? not bad, not bad. $650 for 32GB version and $700 for 64GB version? Even better.

    You are going in the right direction. But move a bit faster now, please?

  • Smitty

    Acer, stop whining about MS, and start making products that compete with the competition. MS isn’t the only RT tablet maker, they just choose to try and sell more, very good looking and compelling, devices and take a small percent of each, than sell less devices at a higher profit margin. Take a shot or move on!

  • Myclevername

    I think Acer was locked out of Windows 8 Round 1 development because, well, they suck. They have tons of Android tablets to sell. What’s the problem Janet Jackson Orchid Wearing CEO King? Don’t like what’s Microsoft did? Don’t support them with your business. Google will save you. mmmmBAHAHAHAHA

  • disqustingtard

    Whingy whiney baby. Anyway why the hell is a chinaman the president of Acer “greater china” (whatever that is).

    Oh and love the fruity flower Mr Long…

  • ahab

    Haha what a bunch of pussies. They dont like Surface, because they are just not able to build a competitor! So they complain about that Microsoft builds a better one than they can. Thats a fraud on innovation and creativity. When I see the Icona W700 I know what Acer feels, seeing Surface: they are frightened.

    So, instead of maning up and creating something better or at least competitive (they could! e.g. via the price), they whine and complain and – thats really unbearable act – consider MIcrosoft not able to build good hardware. OH. MY. GOD.

    Microsoft should reconsider Acers Windows-licensing. THEIR behaviour is bad for:
    1. themself
    2. Windows
    3. Microsoft

    Who openly confesses a lack of creativity and will of innovation should be considered as the weakest chain element of a strong eco system. Thats what I would think if I was Steve Balmer. And I would do even a giant bunch of more devices, just to prove Acer wrong. What sissy corp… >____<

  • tomakali


  • Jason Choi

    QQ more Mr. Acer CEO. You guys had time to get yo shit together way before windows 8 came out but you guys didn’t innovate. In America, we have this saying, first come first serve. Guess what, Surface came first. Also if you want to be serious, please change the name… Acer just too sounds like sports brand like Nike or Adidas….

  • Sven Hult

    Being a happy user of Asus Tab RT, I would not whine too much about it. Or maybe as the CEO of Acer, I might 😉
    I am sure there will be enough demand for good Windows 8 products, no matter who produces them. Well, most likely a Windows 8 tablet from Nokia would still be the biggest thing for me, looking at what they are able to put together with Lumia 920.

  • Tips_y

    Acer threatened MS they would move to a different OS when in fact they already have done that when they first came out with Android phones since 2009 and Android tabs since 2011. They should already just move over completely to Android and cut-off ties with MS once and for all and stop whining!

  • NegLewis

    Acer Laptops have only 1 year warranty. Dell has 3+.
    Last years I say a couple Laptops that are OK’ish.
    But, Acer W8 Tablet if by far the most interesting one (except Surface + TC).

    If they will release a non-Atom-based x86 Tablet with a slim Keyboard (aka MS TC) then I will certainly buy it, because Surface seems to be ahead of time and everybody wants it… and will never arrive HERE… soon.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    Seems like HP, Dell and others are doing just fine selling W8 devices. By the timne he stops wining there won’t be any room for Acer devices on the market.

  • mark

    reading and typing this on a Surface I can confirm to him that MS are indeed good at making things.

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Acer