Acer Chairman: In next Two Years “Microsoft will re-rise”

Acer chairman JT Wang commenting on Apple’s momentum in iOS devices said that Microsoft will re-rise to answer consumer demands, Digitimes reported. He also added that they welcome HP’s  decision to stay in PC market which will help expand the market share of Microsoft Windows to better compete against Apple.

However, in the next two years, Wang estimates that the camp of Microsoft will re-rise as Microsoft is answering consumer demands. In the past, Microsoft has been adding unnecessary functions to its operating system even after consumers already objected such moves, but as Microsoft has already started seeing its problems and will implement changes into Windows 8, Taiwan’s PC supply chain should benefit in the future, Wang added.

Hope it happens soon..

Read more at Digitimes.

  • Guestsam

    O_o Does Acer chairman aware that Microsoft already sells millions of windows 7 every months??

    • Charlotte Harborough

      It’s not what he’s saying dumb ass.

      • Harvey

        what is he saying?

  • Alex F.

    Huh? Re-rise?
    I guess he meant to say “rise again”.