Acer delays Windows RT tablets due to Surface competition

imageAcer has been a major critic of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and have now  withdrawn their support from Windows RT by delaying their RT products indefinitely, Reuters reports.

"Originally we had a very aggressive plan to come out very early next year but because of Surface, our R&D development doesn’t stop, but we are much more cautious," Acer President Jim Wong told Reuters on Tuesday.

"Originally our plan was Q1, but now I don’t think it will be earlier than Q2," Wong said.

He complained that Microsoft was undercutting its Windows OESMS, noting that Lenovo and Asustek had unveiled plans for Windows RT tablets starting at $599 before Microsoft surprised the market with its $499 home-built Surface.

"I don’t know what’s next, what Microsoft will do," Wong said. "We are watching how Surface is doing … How is RT accepted by customers, how Microsoft is aggressive on RT and on Surface, we don’t know… We want to see."

This does not mean the No. 4 PC vendor by shipments is not supporting Windows 8, having just announced a host of Windows 8 touch screens and notebooks.   It does seem however that Microsoft will need to forge the Windows RT battle with one less ally.


  • liamog

    Translation> Acer has decided they have to actually put some thought into competing in the market, seems Surface has worked

  • JoshC

    Acer said oh shit we can’t just dump crappy RT tablets on the market like we did with Android. LOL

  • just

    Majority of this OEMs sat on their asses and now MS showed them how to make quality hardware tablets, now they’re barking.

    • techieg

      What really happened here is an “oh shit” moment. Acer had a crappy WinRT tablet that really wouldn’t do well anyway and Surface was a wake up call before they went to market with it, they withdrew the shameful thing quickly and went back to the drawing board or “R&D” as he called it. All these OEMs are shameful. Good move MS, if not for Surface it would have been a sorry state for Win8 tablets as with prior OSes. No other has gotten this much public reaction, so I am sure Surface can do it alone (especially if the lame iPad could).

      • Bugbog

        The hybrids, slates and convertibles all have their place. But I’m glad MS is leading with such a high profile, quality offering!

  • Ef Jay

    He’s actually trying to justify RT tablets starting at $599, as if that is some kind of good deal for users. What a twat. And will anyone actually miss Acer? Go Surface!

  • Adil

    sorry acer, but products like all your crappy crappy netbooks aren’t going to cut it anymore. either continue to release the same crap but at rock bottom prices (forget 599, let’s try 199), make something worth people’s time, or go out of business.

  • Mark Gibbs

    If Asus can make a tablet for 199 on android, acer can make a tablet for 499 ?
    it has the same chip, even if Microsoft charged 100 for windows RT which I doubt they are, the tablet would sell for 399 ?? and you don’t need to higher software devs to make the software work on your system or be sued by everyone for licensing .. What a COP OUT ACER

    • Bugbog

      Exactly! Most of these OEM’s are basically recycling their Android designs and specs with minimal adjustments, yet are charging almost double for them. It’s like they wish to recoup all their initial losses from PC users.

      I understand the need for Windows 8 to not come across as comparable to Android (nowhere even close!), but I also see the need for multiple price point hardware. Yet all the hardware seems to range from upper meduim and onwards! (Especially in the case of hybrids, when you may just wish for the tablet only – no base – and its $500 – $600, regardless of chipset; Atom or ARM!)

  • Monkey D Black

    they wanted to come out with $599 windows RT starting price???? are you kidding me? are you seriously kidding me?

  • Ricardo Dawkins

    How the hell does they plan to release the Iconia W510 for 499 while their RT will be $ 100 higher?

    Are the nuts ??? Atom is faster than any ARM SoC and by being faster it should be priced higher than their RT hardware.

    WTF logic is this?

  • JimmyFal

    F*** Acer. They bought Gateway and ruined that company, then they moved the tech support staff jobs from South Dakota to Bangalor. Now Vizio PC has hired back all that South Dakota tech support staff by the way, and Vizio makes quality.

  • agha

    just bring a Quality Hardware and stop whining…you have your Chance for years. Just writing from my brand new surface tablet and its one awesome Piece of Hardware & Software.
    I remember my Acer: worst build Quality, preloaded with tons of crab-ware, bad Service. Believe me guys Surface is a whole new universe for me.

    • Bugbog

      Can’t wait to get mine!

  • steveo99

    Surface is probably the best advertising for Windows 8.
    Microsoft made the right move.

  • hysonmb

    MS did what they set out to do. With such a big gamble on Win8 and RT they couldn’t leave it up to the OEMs to release overpriced crappy hardware and get laughed into obscurity. They set a bar that Acer wasn’t ready to meet. I say good job MS for pushing the vendors to step it up or just go away!

    • Bugbog

      True! Not too cheap, but neither overly expensive!

    • Gavin Tom

      Yeah, I know they got a lot of crap from the outset. But I’m super glad they made their own product and let it set a “stage” as Panos put it. It really is an amazing product, I’m really looking forward to the next surface already! Consider that next product sold. Because they made an amazing thing here, really really well made and thought out.

  • Bugbog

    Just as well Microsoft never gave them a ‘first wave’ license anyway! Has anyone seen the kludgy abomination of a stand they have for their W700 tablet?

  • The Doctor

    Bottom line here is this. Acer is bitter and very upset over the fact that the Surface is a better quality product than Acer’s was slated to be AND sold at a lower (and more reasonable, I might add) price point. This, of course, ruined Acer’s plans to dump a substandard piece of crap on the market and sell it for a sky high price. Sorry Acer, it’s called competition and if you can’t be a decent contender then you should own up to it and bow out. People don’t want bottom of the barrel systems preloaded with bloat and crapware sold at exorbitant prices. If you can’t offer a good product at a decent price, go home and cry under your bed. If you want to play in the big leagues you need to have a bold vision and be willing to take risks and try new things and take your chances on untested ideas. Here is a concept – build a high quality low or medium cost tablet, keep the crapware off of it and support it adequately and make it kind of stylish and very functional and people will buy it. If you try pushing garbage on people, that’s what you’ll be known for – trash products and service at high prices – and no one will want what you’re offering. News flash. :) This should be common sense.

  • Truthhz

    “aggressive plan”
    What the heck is aggressive about launching in January 2013? Looks like they were never really serious about it or they would have launched in 2012

  • 骁 陈


  • Gavin Tom

    Good, maybe finally the other OEMs will make worthwhile things, instead of flooding the market with crap products. I talked with my cooworkers and they keep saying my surface is amazing and feels really well made. Plus they said the commercials really make them want to buy it.