Acer Iconia W3, First 8-inch Tablet With Windows 8 Images Leaked

Acer W3 Windows 8 PC

Microsoft is working on Windows 8.1 which will optimize the Windows 8 experience on 8 inch devices. It was earlier reported that Microsoft is working on no.of OEM partners on 8 inch Windows devices. Acer Iconia W3 is a new device which got leaked today comes with Windows 8 with 8-inch display. It will come with 1.8GHz Atom Z2760 CPU and 2GB of RAM, front and rear cameras and microSDHC slot. As you can see in the image above, it will come with accessories like a tiny keyboard dock and a cover that doubles as a kickstand.

Acer Iconia W3

Source:  via: Engadget

  • UncleFan

    I like it, but before I get too excited, they need to leak the PRICE. This thing needs to be $300, tops.

    • CX1

      249 tops inc/ keyboard

      • harchestr

        I really doubt keyboard.. no other tablet includes a keyboard especially for that price.

      • arcana112

        Maybe even have a $50 note in the box… /s

  • Andrew Simek

    notice windows key in now like ipad… vertical position… is this going to be for all W8 tabs going forward or just on 8″?

    • 8″

      probably only 8″ and maybe not even in 8″.
      Windows was created to use horizontally and that makes sense since everyone I know who has a tablet (Windows, Android or iOS) uses it horizontally…

  • Richard

    Acer! Do it! This is great!
    Now all that needs to happen is: the W8 and WP stores combine to make one.

  • José Villaró

    Mmm… I would really like a 4:3 version

  • Johan Spånberg

    I don’t think MS would allow a Windows-tablet without a Windows-logo/button.

    Oh, nevermind! I was looking at the camera. 😀

    • koenshaku

      The button is on the right of the tablet.

  • koenshaku

    A netbook in tablet’s skin.. Intel needs to really get their low power processors together..

  • vmxr

    unleash this little beast to the market

  • Bugbog

    Now, sell that at £250, and my money is yours!

  • alukard

    I want it today. That said it should be rightly priced, 300 or less.

  • Al

    W8? So this is a tablet for a small subset of the 4% of the users brave enough to use this OS