Acer Iconia W700 1080p “fastest Windows 8 tablet” only 599 Euro

acer iconia w700

While Acer has been the most vocal in their opposition to the Microsoft Surface, they also seem to be the one who will be doing the most to make Windows 8 tablets affordable to the masses.

We are already fans of the Acer Iconia W510, which provides a 720p Atom tablet with keyboard dock for only 499 Euro.

Now on Acer’s German site the Acer Iconia W700 has popped up, for sale with out a dock, for only 599 Euro.

The device offers a Full HD 1080p 11.6 inch screen with a 178 degree viewing angle IPS display and 10 point multi-touch.  The device is powered by a respectable Intel Core (i3-2365M, 1.40 GHz, 3 MB) Ivy bridge processor,  4 GB DDR3, has 8 hours battery life and weighs 950g. The device sports a single USB 3 port which allows rapid file transfers and expansion. It also interestingly has a Thunderbolt port.

Anandtech has given the device a hands-on and were very impressed with the device, saying it had excellent built quality, with Intel apparently being heavily involved with the development of the device. The noted the device was very fast, and handled 36 Megapixel JPGs with ease.

Acer calls it the “Best Performing Windows 8 tablet”, and Anandtech seems to agree. The main downside seems to be the thickness of the tablet.

Are any of our readers tempted? Let us know below.

  • Dingus

    hmmmmmmthick hunh?….Ivey Bridge I-3 with 8 hour battery life? HHHMMMMMMMMMMM!….1920×1080? HHHMMMMMMMMMMM!…real Windows 8, NOT RT??…..HMMMMMMMmmmmm…Real file system?…..external storage and HDMI port? HHMMMMMMMmmmmm…looking askance at my 3rd gen iPad….

    • Bugbog

      I’ll give it the “impressive performance” and price, but will pass on everything else; Thickness, cooling, weight, stand-less, cover-less, etc

      • Avatar Roku

        I won’t even give it the performance. Core i3 is not the best. You can get Core i5 and Core i7 tablets but they won’t have the battery life of the Acer.

        • eddmann

          i7 maybe, but not i5.
          Core i5 based tablets use a Core i5-3317U, which has the exact same specs as i3-3217U used in W700, except that it’s rated at 1.7 GHz instead of i3’s 1.8 GHz.
          The other difference is that i3 lacks turbo.
          So in reality they should have pretty much the same battery life.

          EDIT: Just noticed that US and german versions have different specs.

    • GG002

      Why not 8h? A family member of mine has an Acer Timeline with i3 and he runs it for 8h straight without even conserving power.. seeing the W700 is a tablet and more optimised, I kinda don’t have any doubts about the battery life.

  • Smarty79

    Isn’t i3-2xxx Sandy Bridge generation?

  • alukard

    Its awesome there are options for all tastes of windows 8 tablets, I suggest people shop around. Check out Asus Vivo tablets, they kick ass.
    I’m still in for the surface, its inferior in specs but its uniqueness and beauty is irresistible.
    RT poses me no issues cos I’ve seen the apps that I need in the 5,000+ catalogue in the store. I have a desktop PC that will have Pro installed for my legacy apps.
    Choice is good.

  • pdexter

    W700 is actually thinner than Surface Pro.

    W700 really kicks ass price wise when you have Bluetooth 4.0, 1920×1080, i3/i5, ISP panel etc

    599e for it makes you really think about those Atom tablets that are costing 800 euros. I hope this wakes up Asus and some other manufacturers with their pricing.

    • GG002

      Just what I was thinking! Although I don’t like Acer, this device is really making me think about where my money goes eventually! I wish the docking stations were nicer, though.

  • Avatar Roku

    A 1.4GHz Core i3 is nowhere close to being the fastest Windows 8 tablet.

  • John Hough

    No mention of storage. Surface 8, 64/128gb, i5 cpu, kickstand, keyboard cover, no ugly ass dock. winner, even if it is more money.

  • eddmann

    Good job screwing your german (european?) customers acer.

  • XB_Mod

    its incredibly smooth…I don’t care about what specs…my eyes show me its enough for most people even though I prefer the Surface design.

  • hearts

    Lenovo thinkpad x1 helix tablet with keyboard dock: i7+1080HD+3G+wifi+10 hours battery life

  • Beezer

    In terms of boot up time, my EP121 is just as fast. So need some benchmarks here.

  • haspemulator

    Has anybody noticed the OS, which is stated in datasheet? It’s Windows 7 Starter Edition LOL. Something is wrong here.

  • aqq

    I would buy it if it had keyboard like Iconia W510.
    I would buy Lenovo X230 if it had FullHd.
    I will probably buy Samsung Ativ PC Pro.

  • Zicoz

    If only the dock had HDMI…..

  • clay113

    Nice performance but yeah that thing is thick.

  • koenshaku

    attractive specs that is for damn sure.

  • neilspartacus

    Such a fat bitch!! Sorry Acer.. I will compromise with RT and get a Surface for the thinness!!

  • willdoors

    one wprd about this acer…. WOW !!!!!!! …… oh now I don’t know, between Surface PRO and this ACER!

  • Peter La Monica

    Great, but I can’t seem to be able to get one. I pre-ordered from a major on line vendor and com ship date plus 1 they tell me thay don’t have one to ship. No one locally has one to sell, no surprise there.