Acer iConia W700 Core i5 tablet unboxed

WindowsTabletTV have unboxed the Acer Iconia W700 which seems to be a pretty rewarding experience, seeing the huge amount of accessories that come bundled with the Windows 8 tablet.

The Core i5 powered device with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage will currently set you back around around $788 on which includes a case, a stand and a Bluetooth keyboard, which is not a bad bundle.

The tablet promises 9 hours battery life, but given it is a Core i5 device this seems rather unlikely.  We will look forward to the follow-up review for its real performance.

Thanks Sam for the tip.


  • malimal

    looks like one linked on amazon is for a core i3. the core i5 is 928.

  • Ror Brennan

    It actually looks like a really nice machine, but being an Acer, it’ll probably last about a week.

    • the person

      that’s my fear. also, after seeing the Yoga at BB, I can’t really think about anything else….well until maybe the Surface Pro comes out.

  • Joe_HTH

    Looks like a nice device. I just don’t think I want a heavy, thick, loud tablet with cooling fans.

  • Quentin Moore

    I wouldn’t say the W700 is heavy but it definitely isn’t light. I haven’t heard the cooling fans yet but the unit does feel slightly warm after a while. Could be my imagination though.

  • the person

    well he certainly makes it look less clunky than other videos I’ve seen, but he seemed to be handling it rather gingerly….particularly when sliding it in and out of the dock. I’d like to see how it holds up to typical uses.

  • bruinsensei

    Does anyone know if has a TPM chip? Can someone check the devices list?

  • JW

    I’m waiting for the Surface Pro or an Asus device. There are not enough devices to choose from yet.