Acer Iconia W700 W8 tablet comes with Core i3,1080p screen, desktop dock and wireless keyboard for only $799

imageAcer has announced that their 11.6 inch Windows 8 will be hitting the market on the 26th of October with a pretty reasonable price.

The device, with a full HD 1080p screen and 1.8 ghz Core i3 Ivybridge  processor will cost $799, and will come bundled with a desktop dock and Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Acer will also be offering the device with a Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM for $999.

The 64 GB device also has 4 GB RAM, a one megapixel front and 5 megapixel rear camera, a USB 3.0 port which is tripled when docked and a microHDMI port, and only weights 2.3 pounds.

The dock and keyboard is designed to remain at your home base for serious desktop use, allowing the unencumbered tablet to be taken away easily for on the road use.

The price for the bundle is very competitive with the iPad, which costs $699 for the 64 GB WIFI version, with the official dock costing $29 and the keyboard $69.

Will any of our readers be picking this up? Let us know below.

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  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    One word: UGLY!
    I’ll go with the Surface pro.

    • Joop

      Actually I think it isn’t that ugly, except for the dockingstation. And the stand doesn’t look very functional either, you can see is slide out after the employee has turned the kickstand around.

      • the person

        i noticed that too. The fact that you are taking off pieces of plastic and transforming them makes it scream cheap. How frickin hard can it be to make a hinged kickstand?

        • Frank Azevedo

          The problem with a hinged stand is that it doesn’t allow for both portrait and landscape setup. The removable plastic stand allows for that 90 degree rotation. Not the most attractive dock, but it does appear functional. My only question: Is there an option for a wireless carrier antenna?

          • Glim12808

            I have a picture frame with a hinged stand that can do both portrait and landscape. So it really depends on the execution.

  • Brad

    I wouldn’t mind the price as much if it were 2560×1440 res. But, It still looks like a decent machine. Much more functional than an iPad without giving up too much form factor.

    • just

      iPad is overblown iPhone and you can’t do much with it. Acer can run legacy software’s and can do what a desktop computer can.

  • the person

    wow, that dock looked REALLY flimsy, and I HATE docks that look like they’ve just glommed the ports on to it, it is ripe for breakage. The price is nice I can’t deny…but I really think a dedicated dock port that doesn’t communicate over USB would have been much better.

  • JohnCz

    I’m seriously consider’s the Asus’s W700 (i5 version) as well as Samsung’s SmartPC Pro and Surface Pro. Samsung and Surface have active digitizers so that might decide it for me. If SmartPC Pro is anything like Series 7 Tablet it has a great little desktop dock. From earlier CeBit demos, W700’s dock did not seem like it could output video. So I’ll have to see if that has changed since. Otherwise the price is right, maybe $100 more than it should but its doable.