Acer To Update Iconia W3 8.1-inch Windows Tablet With Better Display


Whenever some one speaks about Acer Iconia W3, the first thing they complain about is its display. Being the first 8.1 inch Windows device, W3 has one of the worst display in the market. According to the report from, Acer is working on an updated Iconia W3 that will have better display and thinner, lighter body. The updated display will be anĀ IPS oneĀ instead of TN-LCD. This successor to the Iconia W3 should be in stores in September.

By that time, I expect other Windows OEMs to join the 8-inch Windows tablet market.


  • Gromanon

    I’ve been to Microsoft Store last week just to see this tablet. Its a very impressive tablet because for $350 you get fully blown Windows 8 touch device that has Office 2013 preloaded that fits and light enough to hold with one hand. I was very close from buying it, but I just couldn’t get over that screen.
    At first glance screen is fine, color are fine. But soon as you look up close or tilt the screen in front of your eyes it’s just horrible. The worst is the flickering that you see once you look at screen at about foot distance from eyes.

    Once Acer updates this table, its definitely a buy, because everything else is great.

    • kemite2

      No, Acer is destroying Windows 8

      Not only the display is a shame :

      Negativs points ACER ICONIA W3

      –Terrible display

      –Bulky and heavy

      –No Windows 8 app snapping

      This is review from TOM WARREN

      A microsoft Fan

      • Bugbog

        Whilst non of those points are untrue, I would hardly call Tom Warren a fan any longer! He may have been one before, but since he’s been “acquired”, it’s more a case of ‘toe the site’s negative line’ that he follows.

        • kemite2

          I know …Its true, but trust me on this Review…ACER ICONIA W3 ist just BAD

      • xma1e

        I just brought the other half one. yes the display is crappy, but it blows my Motorola Xoom out the water.

        My birthday’s in September :-)