Adobe Announces Photoshop Optimized For Surface Pro 3

Adobe Surface

At Surface press event, Microsoft announced that they have been working with Adobe for optimizing Adobe apps for Windows platform. Adobe executive took stage to announce that Photoshop has been optimized for Surface Pro 3. The app now works well with touch controls such as zoom in/zoom out, panning, and more. Also, Adobe announced that we can expect more news related to Adobe Creative apps for Windows in the future. Adobe executive also praised that Surface Pro 3 along with Photoshop is a creator’s dream.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I’ve heard people say that Adobe always makes better Photoshop for Macs, and a few people told me the sole reason they prefer Macs is that it’s ”easier to do Adobe’s Photoshop on”, I really hope that they (Adobe) will make better support for Windows…

    • Mikado_Wu

      It is not so much that it is easier. On a Mac, Photoshop is on confined to a Windows. Lets say you are using a dual screen setup. You would have your Action bars on a Screen (does not matter which ones) and you can move your Canvass anywhere on either screen and work. It is the ONLY thing on a Mac that I Envy.

    • Stuart

      Most of the time that’s just because they usually use Macs in classes that teach Photoshop so that’s the way they leaned the program.

  • Jared R

    those people are just trying to justify buying a Mac

  • 12Danny123

    I wonder if MS introduced a Surface AIO and include PhotoShop in it. I bet that’ll sway tones of designers