Adobe Releases Updated Photoshop Desktop App With Pinch Zoom And Other Touch Optimizations

Adobe CC Apps

Adobe today released new version of Photoshop CC with many new features for designers and photographers like improved Layer Comps to enable you to sync changes across multiple comps, to new Blur Gallery motion effects like Spin Blur and Path Blur, to Focus Mask which automatically selects the area of an image that is in-focus, to improved type and font capabilities, and even more 3D printing enhancements. At the Surface Pro 3 launch event, Adobe said that they will be adding touch/stylus support to Photoshop, and they have done that now.

We continue to adapt Photoshop to the latest hardware available as well. In this release, we are dramatically improving our stylus support under Windows 8.1, with out-of-the-box support for practically any stylus, and smoother strokes for drawing, painting and illustration.

We are also introducing a new Experimental Features capability in Photoshop CC. By turning on one of these features, our customers can get an early preview of some of the work going on behind the scenes. This version of Photoshop CC has experimental support for a 200% scaled UI on Windows for high DPI monitors, 4k displays, and tablet devices. Also included is experimental support for Windows touch gestures. Note that both of these features are already supported on Mac operating systems.


  • VHMP01

    Wait, what? MACs will get touch screens? Ha, that has to be a joke! So the Designers ‘by default’ programs are turning into touch even on the desktop, what are MACfobilies going to to do? Backpedaling of course!

    • Rico Alexander

      I don’t understand that. How does an OS that doesn’t support touch have an application that does?

      • VHMP01

        That’s the whole point, neither OSX nor MACs support touch, and Apple has made clear they should not do, yet Adobe is adapting completely to touch too, I would say Surface is finally the reason for this change. Some day MACs will support touch and Applets will come out and say “It’s like magic!” and how much they can innovate! As usually being full of it!

        • Rico Alexander

          I don’t get why they would add support for touch in the macos first before windows though?

  • PoohGQ

    Well, it’s about time they added the touch features. It was starting to get annoying on my new HP notebook – zooming is a bitch in all Adobe products and gets irritating when you’re trying to demonstrate to a client. So with a pitch-to-zoom feature that will make this a breeze and I swear I’ll not complain about losing Fireworks again..maybe!