Advertisers Now Spending More On Bing, Bing’s Growth Is More Than Double That Of Google’s

Bing Ad Spending

Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle against Google in search advertising market. With Yahoo search deal, Microsoft is now providing the technology for both web search results and search advertising. According to the “State of Paid Search” report for the first quarter of the year, advertisers now spending more money on Bing than ever. In fact, Bing is now growing at a rate double that of Google. The increase in spend indicates that Bing is now becoming a more appealing network for advertisers to devote their marketing spend, in part because of its recent increases in click-through rate (CTR) combined with decreases in cost-per-clicks (CPCs).

“Bing gains ground in overall search traffic and has proven to be an appealing alternative to Google,” said Delia Perez, SVP Marketing Strategy at the firm. “A number of factors are driving this growth as advertisers are drawn to Bing’s more flexible campaign management tools in the aftermath of Google’s crossover to enhanced campaigns. Advertisers are still adjusting to Google’s bundling of device management, and Bing may be the more attractive option because it can be a customizable alternative.”

Some stats from the IgnitionOne report on Microsoft/Yahoo network.

– Market share up to 22.9% of advertiser spend

–  Yahoo Bing Network clicks increased by 30% (year-over-year)

–  Yahoo Bing Network clicks for smartphones increased 276 (year-over-year)

– 57%increase in Yahoo Bing Network click volume (year-over-year)


Source: Webpronews

  • that_guy


  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Bing will become more profitable in the future, I really hope that Microsoft won’t listen to those dumb shareholders that want it to sell off Bing & Xbox, Bing & Xbox software power a lot of things in Windows & Windows Phone. :-) Bing is also more developer-friendly than Scroogle in many ways. :-)

    • Bugbog

      I seriously doubt that any ‘idiot’ can venture the suggestion that Bing should be sold now, especially given it’s integration into Microsoft’s Big Data, IoT, Xbox, Windows 8, Cortana, etc. It’ would be like telling Microsoft to cut off both of the feet it’s using to march into the future!

      • donzebe

        Bing, Xbox, Windows, and Office are Microsoft face to the general consumer.

      • whatup12

        that is exactly right–if MSFT was dependent on google for the inputs behind the services, GOOG would destroy them in half a heartbeat. They knew a long time ago that they needed independence from Google in this way–and paid a ton of money to start achieving it.

      • wp77

        I suppose that’s why Nadella’s in and Elop is out

      • dayula

        I have been telling folks the same thing for years. The other interesting thing about Bing is that not a whole lot of Apple device users and lovers even knew that they use Bing. They would tell you they love their Google search engine and Siri. But guess what? Bing is one of the 2 back ends of Siri. and seach data shows that those with iPad 2 and above, or iPhone 4S and above uses Siri close to 35% of their total search mode combined.

        • Bugbog

          A lot of Bing’s bias is just holdover, as Bing is just as good as Google. The same with Here maps. Perform a blinds test and they won’t be able to tell the difference, but they’ll still tell you that it’s not as good.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    When it comes to search google is king. However, overtime bing will compete on the same level. The more consumers use bing the better it gets and with its market share growing daily and customers using the advertisement features from bing it looks like a proper challenger. It reminds me of the Xbox days and IE days where Microsoft threw so much money at it that it became popular, nit so much IE, but its getting there, they just need to make it cross platform (which I’m guessing will happen one day)

    • Revben Chase Da Kingdom

      Actually that is a misconception. I have done it numerous times and the results are 50/50 more or less. That true a year ago, but not so anymore. Google just have brand-name over bing and full functionality more places.

  • donzebe

    Good news, the growth will continue to grow.

  • NGM123

    Hated Bing but since Ive bought my Surface I use it all the time and enjoy it now, never going back to scroogle.

  • olivermills

    Google recently changed their policy which meant the company I work for and a lot of our sister companies were gone from search results altogether. Although we’ve been working hard to get back up, I am pretty sure it’s not showed Google in very good light! Bing is still missing features in the UK so Google is a more complete search engine here. Please fix that MS.

  • CanGueler

    Competition is always good. But i can simply not understand why Microsoft doesnt bring those features Bing has in America to Europe.

  • scotthumble

    I’ve been using Bing almost exclusively for the past couple of years. I probably haven’t even touched Google in the last year of that. I opened it up the other day to try to find a Gchat client. I liked how it put the search field at the top of the page when you start typing but the search results were really archaic in comparison to Bing. Really, really terrible. I couldn’t tell where to go for the client so I went back to Bing and quickly learned that you have to use Chrome and Google+ to use Gchat on a Windows client now. Google has created one hell of a garden around their products and services but most of it is smoke and mirrors. Building web features into Google+ that REQUIRES Chrome is just stupid. There is no way I’m installing an entire BROWSER just for a chat client feature within yet another bundled service that I wouldn’t use. Beyond that, their search UI and results were surprisingly weak. I didn’t expect to see such a huge disparity between the two services but it’s obvious when you get used to Bing.