After Android, Google Now Turning Chrome OS Into A Copy Cat

After the poor show by Google’s Android designers by copying Windows Phone, iOS and other OSs out there, its now time for Google Chrome OS designers. When Chrome OS was released more than an year ago, Google highlighted its simplicity and basically said that your browser is the OS. They even said Chrome OS is “re-think what operating systems should be.”

Today Google contradicted their own words and copied Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X design elements. They announced a new Windows Manager for Chrome OS called Aura. It will combine Windows 7 like Task bar and Mac OS X style Launchpad. You can now pin apps to shelf (taskbar) similar to Microsoft Windows !

They even added support for wallpapers and overlapping windows. So basically they are turning Chrome OS into a regular desktop OS like Windows and Mac OS X with an only exception being the apps. Chrome OS supports only web apps and I won’t be surprised if Google adds native Linux apps in the near future.

The best thing about this dev channel release is that, CR-48 Chromebooks released by Google are not eligible to get this update. Enjoy the new Google Experience..

Source: Google Unofficial Blog

  • Pierre Venescar

    That’s why I’m going with windows phone from android

  • Anonymous

    Ok. now I agree with Steve jobs. Although MS doesn’t tend to sue an other companies that copy their UI. I’m sure Apple will have something to say about this when it’s released commercially.

    • Anonymous

      Does anybody care about Chrome OS anyway?!

      • Anonymous

        i don’t XD

  • Edwin Aw

    Google, please make it genuine.

    • arun sandeep

      Are you asking google to make something unique?? r u serious?? they never made a product out of their own thinking.

      GMail would not have been possible without yahoo mail or hotmail, they copied concepts from that and just added some improvizations.

      Youtube is not a prodct from google, it was bought by google and they just integrated their google id to it.

      Android was bought from some company and they started adding iOS features into it. They today r proud of selling android phones, but what happed when they tried to launch their own phone first? They even could not make a working phone, so they decided to sell the OS

      Google+ does any one need to say anything about it? everyone knows its a combination of twitter and facebook.

      The only thing google ever made was search engine (may be there is some story associated with it as well).

      The only reason google is surviving is because of small release cycles. Unike MS who release the next version with a lot of changes, Google releases the features as soon as they are completed. Look at android, there are 20 different versions out there and no phone supports the lower or higher version.

      Google talk about innovation, and the only thing they “innovate” is innovative ways of copying others.

      • Hhhh

        They all copy from each other,its called evolution and plus variety is the spice of life.

        Its like righting a dissertation gathering peer reviewed journals,and calling it your own!

        Just wish companies would stop suing and moaning

  • Newstyle

    Here we go again. Start your photocopiers!

  • Urban Nomad

    Android copied from Windows phone? In which universe?

    And wasn’t the first version of Windows copied directly from the Mac OS in the 90s. Please try to be objective and stop doing biased posts.

    • CG

      In this universe, you uninformed complainer. Try People App and launching camera app without unlocking the phone, for starters.

    • Anonymous

    • Aymen Daoudi

      People hub , the camera launching without unlocking the screen, and many other features about social networking integration

    • EShy

      The answer to your second question is no and it just shows you’re clueless about that. It’s well known that neither Apple nor Microsoft came up with the GUI and mouse input device. doug engelbart demoed these concepts in the late 60s and later on led the team at Xerox PARC that developed the Alto. the first computer with a mouse,a GUI and networking. That’s where Jobs got the idea, he ‘borrowed’ it from them.

      That’s why Apple lost that lawsuit

      and here’s that famous bill gates qoute:

      No, Steve, I think its more like we both have a rich neighbor named Xerox, and you broke in to steal the TV set, and you found out I’d been there first, and you said. “Hey that’s no fair! I wanted to steal the TV set! – Bill Gates’ response after Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of borrowing the GUI (Graphical User Interface) from Apple for Windows 1.0*

    • nbr123

      You are like a frog living in a well. You think the well is the universe. Basically you seem not to know what Android copied from Windows Phone. That’s just your ignorance and doesn’t negate the fact that Android did copy from Windows Phone. IOS also copied the camera button & Game Center concept from Windows phone for that matter.

    • Anonymous

      in all ways go search for the windows phone features stolen and added to android 4 plus the metro style born like a copycat die like a copycat rofl

  • EShy

    This is shocking!!! I though Chrome OS was dead. Are you saying they still think people will use this thing?

  • Anonymous

    I am an IT pro, and let me tell you something, Sergey Brin ruined Google! Windows 8 and Windows Phone make so much more sense than Android and Google search, Google+, Chrome browser, and Chrome OS! If you don’t believe me, just pay attention to future unravel!

    • Anonymous

      lol “IT Pro”

      lol more like a point and click wintard………

      MS is on the decline and its not hard to see why.

      • Anonymous

        Google brought alot of hope and promise so I am still hoping!

        If you knew anything about Google other than flashy gadgets and their big annulments, you’d know that IT world was/is pinning hope that Google will bring a true change paradigm to computing to make corporate IT world easier.

        Trust me if there was anything truly better than Windows and it’s ecosystem, everyone would have been using it by now, including me! Unfortunately the power of Windows and Microsoft business software has no room for true alternatives still. Yet I am very glad Microsoft is finally listening and actually changing, seems like that anti-trust spanking didn’t go to waste!

      • Anonymous

        just give it up man

    • James Hancock

      Sergey Brin didn’t ruin Google. Google has been a thief from day one:

      Yahoo and Lycos hold the patents for everything in Google’s search system including PageRank and AdWords. The original founder of Lycos just bought the patents back and is suing Google for a huge percentage of their AdWords revenue and is asking for an injunction in the mean time. All signs indicate that it’s likely he’ll get it which means that Google’s revenue will fall off a cliff.

      Google+? Bad rip off of Facebook and it shows.
      Reader? Newsgator
      Youtube? They bought it
      Android? They bought it, AND it’s a rip off of Windows Phone 6.5 and iOS.
      Chrome OS? Yup, rip off there too.
      Google Talk? Yup, rip off of Jabber. – Which MS is going to patent them to death with the AOL patents that they just bought.

      Google is like China. Cheap sh*t that was ripped off by someone else with very few (if any) original ideas.

      Google is just now starting to get what’s coming to it:

      Massive patent violations forcing them to pay the piper in both search and mobile. Chrome OS will be next.

      Massive privacy issues that the government is going to have an issue with and everyone individually should have an issue with.

      Google is not a company to respect. Everyone thinks that they have done amazing things and innovate. But look carefully at their products. It isn’t even a case of taking something existing and making it better.  Ultimately they take something existing that someone is making money from, rip it off, and give it away for free.

      People love free, so they use it, because why pay for it when you can get it for free right?  Problem is that all Google is doing is killing innovation because they’re not contributing anything. They’re just destroying companies by destroying their profitability and adding no value.

      So with the exception of their Google file system and map reduce (which really wasn’t their idea either) I wouldn’t be looking up to Google. I’d be viewing them with derision. 

      Apple and Microsoft rip each other off and improve the other’s ideas all of the time. But they innovate on those ideas. AND they pay each other for the other’s ideas as it should be. So respect Apple. Respect Microsoft. Don’t respect retreads like Google.

  • Sumedh

    What’s there to like about android / chrome : nothing
    What’s there to like about ios : something
    What’s there to like about windows : (almost) everything

  • Anonymous

    WOW, this is beautiful!!!!! <3 the designers – from microsoft and apple, not google.

  • Anonymous

    This blog a accuses Google of stealing from Apple and Microsoft UI’s ?


    Apple and Microsoft steal from Xerox, then this blog thinks Apple and Microsoft have a right not to be stolen from ?


    there is obvious cross-pollination in the evolution of the desktop OS world, as well as everywhere in the world of technology and every other facet of life. 

    placing Apple and Microsoft in such high regard to say THEY are the victims, as if they’ve never “stolen”, is a staggering demonstration of ignorance of the very companies you’re writing about.

    go on, tell us how Apple invented the mouse, and how Microsoft invented the desktop interface….these poor victims !

    • Anonymous

      so your right Apple and Microsoft stole from xerox but since then hasnt both Apple & Microsoft innovated. everyone knows what Apple and Microsoft has done decades ago – DECADES AGO. lets look at the present Apple and Microsoft stole and then imporved and innovated. Google stole, copied and still steals and copies from Apple and Microsoft, i guess karma is a bitch but dont say their innovating or say their diff when their not, Google is a copy cat. atleast between Apple and Microsoft they have patent agreements, they legally have the right to copy from each other in a sence. Google has no agreements with anyone and doesnt even protect their OS nor the OEMs that use thier OS. so please explain your argument again.

      • Anonymous

        you’re kidding right?

        “atleast between Apple and Microsoft they have patent agreements, they legally have the right to copy from each other in a sence” 

        got a citation for that, as there is no record of any agreement that allows either of them to “steal and copy” from the other.

        yes, let’s look at the present, and not DECADES ago.

        since decades ago they have both “stole and then imporved and innovated” from each other. just like the “cross-pollination” i mentioned goes on in the mobile OS world too.

        have a look for yourself to see where this “agreement” is you think exists that allows them to “copy each other” : 

        “Google stole, copied and still steals and copies from Apple and
        Microsoft, i guess karma is a bitch but dont say their innovating or say
        their diff when their not, Google is a copy cat”


        Google has ONLY been stealing without any innovation?

        have a look at Apple’s iOS and tell me that they didn’t steal some ideas, sometimes COMPLETELY without even innovating a single bit, like the “notifications bar”.

        Have a look at Apple’s 2011 WWDC where the revealed “10 best features of iOS 5”, and tell me Apple didn’t steal those features, but instead they innovated where other companies didn’t already.

        go on, tell us that Google don’t “steal and then imporved and innovated” exactly the same way Apple and Microsoft do. 

        “Google has no agreements with anyone and doesnt even protect their OS nor the OEMs that use thier OS”

        Google is going to court with Oracle for one of the biggest technology-related cases in history, all over Android. Google GAVE, for free, patents to HTC to battle Apple in their related court cases. Google has gone to bat for many companies, at no cost, to protect Android and the rest of their properties.

        you have no idea what you’re talking about. 

        Google protects their OS under the open source licenses they release it under, THAT’S the protection it has. it’s legal license that has protections just like any other license. maybe you think open source means “free to steal and do whatever you want without legal consequences” ?

        learn what you’re talking about with regard to the history of these companies, and the licenses that legally protect them.

        “so please explain your argument again.”

        i agree, this time YOU explain, without misinformation, and citations where needed, why you think Google steals without innovating, and doesn’t protect it’s properties and partners.

        the evidence says otherwise, so if you want to accuse a company of such things, show us WHY you believe it’s true.

  • Ef Jay

    google really is a company of thieves.

  • Anonymous

    No this article is totally wrong, Windows & lifted its ideas from Linux KDE which was out 3 years before Win 7 

    ” Windows 7 like Task bar”…..are you really saying Windows invented the task bar ??????????

    Who is copying who………………

    pradeep your article sucks more than your mobile os, and that is saying alot…………..

    • Anonymous

       Thanks for your comments. Keep trolling :-)

    • Jony G

      lol….troll at work

    • Nasher Dezno

      Even if they did, which I doubt, so what? Its one thing to copy the look of something, and another thing to copy its functionality. Be like saying BWM copied Ford cause it uses tires now. Obviously a BMW does not drive like a Ford Pinto. So I hope your happy with your KDE Pinto, try not to get hit in the butt.

    • Anonymous

      Tell me 1 single OS that had a taskbar before Windows 95. :)

    • Anonymous

      The design of haing one large “orb”, in windows it’s the start button, in chrome os it’s the chrome button, does look really similar when followed by a row of apps.  Chrome used to look mainly like a web browser, now it looks mainly like windows+mac osx.

  • Anonymous

    lol its their natural way they born this way non creative copycat company 

  • Kitab

    Keep on “googling” :)

  • Андрей Златин

    Oh, maybe it’s because of Windows 8’s new interface?
    It’s like Google though Aero is dead and will be replaced by Metro so they decided that “it’s finally time to rip it off”. but WHY ???

  • cacarr

    When Chrome OS first came out, some people complained that it was “just a browser.” Now, they’ve added a very light launcher, a grid display that show your web “app” links, better window management, and they’ve integrated Google Drive as the file manager — so now they’re ripping off Win7 and Mac OSX?

    This article is silly. 

  • cacarr

    The comments here are full of sock puppets. 

  • Evolta Triathlon Comunity

    Chrome O.S Looks Like Windows 7


    GUI Style

    And Chrome OS Copycat The Windows 7 Features

    Windows AERO!!!!

  • Liam

    How do I get the launchpad? I’ve been looking for it all over but I can’t find it.