After Apple iPad, New Surface Ad Takes On Samsung Galaxy Tab

After releasing couple of ads for Surface devices on comparing with Apple iPad, Microsoft today posted the above video ad today. In the new ad, Microsoft focuses on the built-in USB port of Surface devices. The port can be used to charge other devices, connect external drives, accessories, etc,. It compares this feature with Samsung Galaxy Tab which sports only one Micro USB port that will be required during charging. And you need additional accessories to use USB devices in Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Watch the video ad above.  Check out more at

  • nickcraze

    I like these commercials and contrary to troll’s belief these are not negative but strictly fair and true.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Yes, but their pages are being plagued by trolls, I tried fighting ’em, but then I realised the best way to fight trolls is by ignoring them, but I hate letting untrue statements remain unchallenged.

      • freeman

        This is the perfect ad to show why you and Microsoft are just completely wrong and off the ball. The point is seriously who connects a tablet to a screen using a cable? Seriously is this all Microsoft could come up with. They do know even windows 8.1 now eventually supports Miracast. Haven’t they heard of Airplay. The entire premise of the ad puts the surface 2 years behind the iPad and most Android tablets when infact it isn’t. The only time I connect any mobile device including a surface to another by cable is for debugging. This backward view is historical from Microsoft. I still shake my head in disbelief when they knobbled active stink from syncing with a PC over wifi yet allowed it to do so over bluetooth.

        All I can say as I stream content wirelessly to my TV from my phone is thankfully the days of crawling around the back of devices to attach cables is gone. I can just see all those Airplaying iPad users laughing at this ad.

        • nohone

          1) Not all displays support Maracas nor Airplay. I have a 50″ LCD TV that is about 5 years old, and a 40″ that is 6 months old. Neither support streaming video from any device, so I connect my Surface through cable.
          2) If all TVs support streaming, as you want us to believe, then Apple is just as bad as you claim Microsoft is. Why use a proprietary connector through the lightning cable? The claim for needing lightning is so they can do video out, but if wireless AV is possible everywhere, then a regular micro USB connector like in every other device for charging would be good enough.
          3) Why run wired for debugging? I do wireless all the time, and the only wired debugging that is possible is via Ethernet and depending on the configuration is not even possible – and makes your comment questionable. Oh, and debugging an iOS app wirelessly isn’t supported, it was added in xcode 4.2, removed in 4.3.1, and never added back. Apple just seems to behind again.

          • freeman

            1) I have a TV at least 5 years old. A $20 dongle, not much more than a cable without the restriction and its a smart TV. It connects in my NAS, allows streaming from any Miracast or Airplay device. Also supports uPNP and DLNA. Many people use their already owned xbox, PS3 or even blueray players. One of Apple’s biggest successes with the iPad has not been Siri or a fingerprint scanner but Airplay.

            2) I have led you to believe no such thing! Refrain from claiming I am inferring things I am clearly not.

            Your lightning connector claim is just nonsense with not basis in fact. . The lightning connector video output is lower quality than the old 30 pin. Your whole claim is just made up and I have proven it has no basis in fact.

            3) Maybe you can tell me how to debug a kernel wirelessly. you certainly can’t do that on windows.

  • Azzras

    Getting my Surface 2 soon! Can’t wait.