After PS3 Trade-in Deal, Microsoft Now Offers $250 Of Microsoft Store Credit For Your Old Smartphones And Tablets

Microsoft Store Credit

Few days back, we reported that Microsoft is running a great deal where consumers can now trade-in their old consoles including Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox 360S, etc, at Microsoft to store receive $100 Store credit on buying Xbox One. Microsoft is now expanding this program to smartphones and tablets as well. You can trade in your smartphone or tablet and receive up to $250 of store credit.

  • Trade and save when you bring in your working* smartphone or tablet to your local Microsoft retail store.
  • For a limited time, receive up to $250 of store credit.
  • Looking to trade up to a new tablet?  Check out the Surface 2.
    At less than 1.5 pounds and just 8.9 mm thick, Surface 2 lets you carry less while you do more. It runs Windows RT 8.1 and comes preinstalled with Microsoft Office 2013 RT, so you get Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—right out of the box. Surface 2 ups the ante with a more powerful, always-on processor, so it’s ready to go when you need it. With an up to 10-hour battery that keeps you charged through the day, Surface 2 is powerful, yet ultra-thin and lightweight.  Starting at $449.00.

As expected,  to be eligible for trade in, product must power on and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage, cannot be password protected, and include original chargers/accessories.

Check out more about this offer here.


  • Pookiewood

    Wonder if they’d take a Blackberry Paperwei…….Urr I mean Playbook for this deal.

    • chris.c

      Playbook? That’s low even by trading standards.

      • Pookiewood

        Hey it may be worth a shot! LOL!

        • chris.c

          All these deals at electronics make me wish I’d lived in the US

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should force upgrade XP users to W8. Maybe release a free Service Pack which introduces 8.1 Store, UI, to XP

    Free W8 upgrade for XP users with 2 years support

    Free Lumia 625 with New License

    Free Lumia 525 with Upgrade License

    Just spoil the market…..

    • Not_herpes

      ^ dumb

      • tomakali

        Yes, Gaining Marketshare = dumb

        • not_herpes_again

          Gaining Marketshare != dumb

          tomakali’s plan != Gaining Marketshare

          Sry for being rude, but your plan is financially not acceptable.
          Think about it. Resell value of smartphones, option to buy windows 8.1 with 20 dollars (through XP).. no.

          – peace out –

          • tomakali

            tomakali != CEO of Microsoft
            So, its not my “plan” just my “wish”

            In Marketing, theres no rule like spend everything, go bankrupt to increase marketshare.
            Marketing has “strategies”
            Like, when new stock comes the OEM pushes incentives to the retailer to clear the old stock…
            That push, not happening in Enterprises…
            I have never seen a Microsoft agent coming to Enterprise and promoting their product…
            BB once did, SAP does, Oracle does…
            Just my thought…