Age of Mythology Extended Edition Coming to Steam in May

Microsoft has announced that its classic RTS Age of Mythology is being polished up with modern features for a May release on Steam.  The game will included a number of features including:

  • Age of Mythology + The Titans Expansion
  • Pre-Purchase on Steam Early April
  • Improved Water and Lighting
  • Full Steamworks Integration
  • Twitch TV Integration
  • Enhanced Observer Mode
  • Support for Win 7/8 and HD Monitors

A trailer for the game has also been released:

The game critically acclaimed when it was released in 2002 and should be a good nostalgic trip for many.

Source: Age of Empires

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I’d rather see it in the Windows Store, I’ve grown to hate Steam as they launched an ”Anti-Windows 8 Campaign”, and many gamers still believe (yep, even today when almost 20% of the Steam users are on Windows 8.X) that Windows 8 is ”bad for games”, Valve is to blame for all of that. :- I really want to see Microsoft make an Age of Empires IV and release it as an exclusive on Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox. :-)

    • LPHeadstrong

      Have Valve said anything about Windows 8 since then? Windows 8.x Steam users has gone up a lot. As of March there are 23% Windows 8.x users and 13.38 Windows 8.1 users on Steam. More users run Vista (x86 and x64) than OSX and more run Vista x86 than Linux.
      Valve can’t ignore that. Almost 1/4 of all Steam users are on Windows 8.x. Maybe Microsoft are testing the water with an already established platform like Steam but I definitely agree it’s a missed opportunity not adding it to the Windows Store. I’m hoping that the plan is to port all GFWL games onto the Windows Store. It’d be a huge undertaking though. I might be too optimistic.