Agent P Strikes Back Disney Game Now Available In Windows Store

Agent P Strikes Back is based on the popular Disney Channel series ‘Phineas and Ferb’ and in this game Agent P must free the other captured agents in the 2nd Dimension. Players should guide Perry aka “Agent P” through this action-packed, side-scrolling adventure.

Try to locate the other missing agents as you battle robotic guards and double jump your way through Doof’s complex.

This game supports Touch Control Devices, Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller.

Download it from Windows Store here.


    Why does Windows 8 web store looks so bad compared to the WP app store? Can’t even browse all the apps via

    • Henrik Erlandsson

      We do not need trolls like you..

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      …and why would you want to browse the apps in a website if you can do it when you click/tap in Windows Store tile?…… it doesn’t sound logical to me.

  • techieg

    “This game supports Touch Control Devices, Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller.”

    Nice, so one can connect the Xbox controller for Windows to Surface via USB, set Surface down and enjoy gaming as a portable gaming platform. NICE!

    Let’s see your tablet(s) do that.