Alan Mulally Will Officially Stay At Ford; Will Not Become Microsoft’s Next CEO

We reported some time back that Microsoft was more interested in having Alan Mulally on the board rather than its next CEO.  Mulally was primarily being pushed by investors to become Microsoft’s next CEO as they believed he would sell off many parts of the company.  Alan Mulally has officially confirmed what the world suspected. He’s not leaving Ford to become Microsoft’s next CEO.  He has promised to stay on with Ford until at least 2014, reports the AP.  The odds that he planned to leave Ford for Microsoft got pretty slim last month, when a Ford board member said, “Alan is staying through the end of 2014 and that’s all I know.”  At that time, Mulally said, “I love serving Ford … I have no change to the plan.”  Not everyone believed that he would say no to Microsoft if asked. But now that he has confirmed that he won’t leave for Microsoft and will stay at Ford until at least 2014. So that’s that.

Ford stock is up 1.5% on the news, Microsoft stock is down 1.5%.

Source: AP

I wonder what Dina Bass, Kara Swisher, and Rick Sherlund are up to right now…oh maybe searching for their credibility.

  • Bugbog

    Yaaay! I may not know who will become the next CEO, or (other than Elop), whom else I would root for, but I definitely know whom I don’t want!

  • Bryan

    “oh maybe searching for their credibility.”

    ahahahahahaha best line. Suril is still a troll, but the entertainment value on this site has gone up significantly since he started writing here.

    • Joe_HTH

      He does a good job. I don’t see the problem. He wasn’t the biggest champion of Mulally. Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley championed him quite often, which makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking.

  • donzebe


  • Tips_y

    What a relief that he’s not joining MS! Thank you Alan Mulally for your decision!

  • pdouglas

    “I wonder what Dina Bass, Kara Swisher, and Rick Sherlund are up to right now…oh maybe searching for their credibility.”

    They are just MS haters who hoped Mulally would break up the company.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Yep, I bet that most of the are Mac-users too.

  • FateStayNight

    Kara Swisher is too busy with the site formerly called allthingsd, rick sherlund is still going to try everything he can to sell microsoft off piece by piece starting with bing. Dina who?

  • Joe_HTH

    Good, because he would have been a terrible CEO. The last thing Microsoft needs is a 70 year old CEO that knows next to nothing about any of the products and services they offer, and nothing about the technology industry. He is a transportation engineer for goodness sake.

    That the blogosphere was championing him shows just how friggin’ clueless they are.

    • SocalBrian

      You do realize that it was Mulally who was the brains behind Balmer’s reorganization, right?

    • SategB

      A terrible CEO was Ballmer with years of extend and defend strategy of Windows and Office, missing moble disruption from phone and tablets and terrible HR policies like stack ranking. He has left the company in very bad has left the company in bad shape for who ever the next CEO will be.

      And who will want to be CEO with Gates & Ballmer on the board second guessing their decisions. Good luck with that unless your happy with being a well paid puppet of the Bills.

  • Michael

    I’m rooting for Nadella to become the next CEO. His understanding of enterprise needs along with server/cloud computing is exactly what Microsoft needs as it continues to push forward. I can see Larson-Green succeeding him in his current position and having Elop run the hardware division. This will make integrating with Nokia and preserving their innovative culture, which Microsoft needs, much easier, and it puts his experience gained from Nokia to good use.

  • NegLewis

    BG maybe has no power to decide who WILL be the next CEO.
    BG will decide who will NOT be the next CEO.
    That I am sure about.

    I bet it will be a inside man, born and raised at MS… from MS.
    Skype+Nokia = deciding power.
    XBox + OS + Kernel = Next CEO man.
    Services + Office + Bing = Strategy.

    • Guest

      WTF you going in about?

  • BIAS

    Car companies are different from consumer electronics, so having a car guy fixing your broken cellphone is not guaranteed to have the expected outcome…