All Microsoft Campuses Worldwide To Fly Flag At Half-mast


As a tribute to Steve Jobs, Microsoft has announced all its Offices throughout the world to fly flag at half mast. Some offices did it even today including the Microsoft UK which you can see in the photo below.


Image Credit: Nikhil via: MML

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  • Vincent Haakmat

    Nothing but respect for The Man, Steve Jobs, but even more so for Microsoft the company that didn’t need/have to do it, but still did. I hope trollers around the world take notice

    • Jose

      Trollers lol. That cracked me up. 

  • Anonymous

    Well done Microsoft. Well done.

  • Ryssfemma

    When Bill Gates is gone, it will be the same. But i dont think people will pay same respect to Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer, because both of them acts like salesmen, they are not visionaries.

  • Mahboob Shah

    Well done :)

  • V-namoha

    Well  done Microsoft.

  • Robert Varga

    That’s why I love Microsoft.

  • Shachimaru

    Well done indeed. After all we are all humans apart from competitors and businesses. And Steve with Bill started up together in their youth and I believe they never stopped respecting one another as geniouses who had only one another to compete in the whole world…

  • Darren Brade

    Maybe the trollers will take a day off too.

  • Donlyn

    天妒英才! How god envies genius!

  • Sourav Dey

    Two businessmen, two billionaires, two visionaries, two competitors, two platforms, two legends. And finally, two great human beings.

    Hats off…!!

  • Jyothi

    grt.. wonderful!! a mark of respect and tribute to a great personality!!

  • Kalbey Ali Khan Mohmand

    He lived life struggling all his life for something 50 years ahrad of himself. If all people who struggle for creating something for peace rather than creating destructive ideas and and attain power for destruction of others and snatching resources of others to make them poor. ALL praise to Steave Jobs. People must follow his creativity and promote peace on the Planet Earth. May Almighty help us create an example like him.

  • S1270774379

    Love you ms!