Amazon Acquires Killer Instinct Developer Double Helix Games, Microsoft Confirms That Franchise Will Remain With Them

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games has been acquired by Amazon. Amazon commented that they acquired Double Helix as part of their ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers. There are also reports that Amazon is planning to release its own console to compete with Microsoft, Sony and others. Even though Double Helix is now part of Amazon, Microsoft confirmed that Killer Instinct franchise will remain with Microsoft Studios.

Microsoft spokesperson said the following regarding this acquisition,

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Double Helix and wish them success in their next endeavor,”

“We want all of our loyal fans to know that the Killer Instinct team at Microsoft is not changing and that the franchise will remain with Microsoft Studios. We remain dedicated to delivering a great experience and plan to announce our new development partner soon. We’re excited about the future of this popular franchise.”

If you are a fan of Killer Instinct, you must be happy to hear this news from Microsoft. Happy gaming!

  • blakjedi

    Killer instinct for xbox one looks terrible… it should have been 1080P out the gate with much much better art…im glad theyre gone. derp

    • Blaze Blue

      Shut the hell up. Anyway, Why would we be happy to hear that Microsoft confirmed that killer instinct will remain on Xbox? You would have to be real stupid to think that a product of Microsoft will go along with other another company that doesn’t own it.

      • blakjedi

        You are a a total, non-English speaking idiot. My comment was clearly about DOUBLE HELIX going away from Killer instinct development. Unless you dont understand the difference between the pronouns “they” meaning Double Helix and “it” meaning Killer Instinct.

        Killer instinct needed better artwork and damn sure should have been 1080P. DH messed that all the way up.