Amazon Instant Video App Now Available On Xbox 360

The long awaited Amazon Video app for Xbox 360 is now available for download. All videos you’ve purchased or have currently rented from Amazon are now available on your Xbox 360.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can also stream the entire Prime Instant Video library on your Xbox 360.

  • Amazon Prime: Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers who are also Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to over 17,000 Prime Instant Videos at no additional cost. Learn about the benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership
  • Your Video Library: Anything you buy from Amazon Instant Video will be available in Your Video Library on your Xbox 360.  Just visit the Amazon Instant Video store online, and shop from a library of over 120,000 movies and TV episodes.
  • Your Watchlist: From your Xbox or from the web, you can organize your viewing with Your Watchlist. Add any title to Your Watchlist, and enjoy when you’re ready.
  • Xbox Kinect: With Kinect, you can also find and play your videos with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.

Check out here for more details.

  • Anonymous


  • Franklin Jawara Lee

    Better late than never!

  • Mark Gibbs

    wow I can’t beleave that amazon is on xbox, I thought this would never happen, like itunes on xbox. another product that will never be on xbox

  • toohats

    I didn’t think Amazon and Microsoft would be able to work something out, but I am so glad they have.  Maybe now, they will drop some Zune prices to be more competitive. 

    Still, so happy about access to my Amazon Digital Libary, thanks!

  • Nicole