Amazon offering the Surface Touch Cover for only $19.99–get it while you can


Its probably an error, but Amazon has listed the $119.99 Microsoft Surface Touch Cover for only $19.99, which is a rather massive discount.

The 3mm thick cover offers a great typing experience for the tablet, with some saying typing is even better on it than on the bulkier Type Cover.

The Cover is marked as out of stock, but there is a small chance the giant retailer will honour the orders when the device does become available.

See the accessory at Amazon here.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

  • Pookiewood

    Ordered mine! Thanks! now to get a Surface! :p

  • nothinbutdatrut

    The description on the page is wrong. “The Kensington Protective Back Cover brings an additional layer of protection
    for your iPad Mini without losing Apple Smart Cover functionality.” This is definitely a mistake. I’m extremely doubtful that Amazon will honor any purchases but i’m going to try. I’m already using the white touch cover, wouldn’t mind another if it is honored

  • Kyle K

    I bought three, I hope they honor it so I can get one and sell the others for $90 – $100 a piece and make some money :)

  • Clint Curry

    Got mine!

  • Super2online


  • agha

    NO! No delivery to Germany…Amazon you suck too.

  • mrdeezus

    GOT IT!!!

  • mark

    I just bought 6, one for myself and 5 to sell :)

    • Filipe

      If this is real, may you sell me one or two for 50$ each?

  • hysonmb

    worth a try. I ordered a couple. If they honor the price I’ll keep my Surface I bought last week. If not, I’m returning it to Microsoft next week. It’s a great tablet but since I already own a slate I don’t need it.

    • J.W Holmes

      Then you shouldnt have bought it clown

      • hysonmb

        Last I checked, they don’t rent them out for trials. I wanted to get my hands on one and determine if it was something I wanted to keep or not. After a week of work, meetings, and daily use in my own scenarios instead of just what reviewers tell us I’ve made my decision. I may upgrade to the Pro model when that releases which was my expectation but there’s no harm in giving the thing a chance.

  • the person

    no way they’ll honor this but what the hell

  • erzhik

    got 2. Hopefully Amazon will honor it.

  • jose

    same purchased two they better honor it

  • mark

    Just upped my order to 11, 1 for me 10 for sale. $220 goes in…lots of profit comes out

  • Mario

    with all of you purchasing a huge amount of them, I am sure they won’t honor it.

  • DiabloBlanco

    Already gone :(

  • Alfred

    To the dudes who got more than 1, if they honor it I will buy it from you for $75

  • elmortero

    I ordered one earlier, went to check on status and it looks like Amazon removed it from my order. Back to the drawing board.

  • mark

    the item is not available to purchase at that price anymore haha

  • mrdeezus

    Bad news, the link is down and they didn’t charge my card.

    • pritazlivy

      Yeah, same for me. I received a confirmation email, but the order isn’t even listed under “My Orders” or anything. I take this as a sign that it won’t be honored. I can’t blame them particularly, but it’s still disappointing.

  • Smith

    They deleted my order! Not even sent email or anything just deleted the order! WTH AMAZON!?

    • MadMonty

      I had the exact thing happen with me. I still have the original email confirmation they sent me with an order number. Contacting their customer care – they should at least offer an explanation. If it’s an error, it’s still their error – they should at least contact us before just deleting the order.

      • abhi1509

        same here. no explanation. just deleted the order. that’s bad.