Amazon Product Reviews Integrated Into Bing Search Results

Bing seems to be dropping its feature of hovering over the right of search result to get more details. Instead of this, Bing introduced a cool feature that displays key result of the page such as movie ratings from IMDB, Flixster,etc, links to watch trailers from Apple,etc,. Today I came across an another handy feature Bing has been testing. If you search for a product/movie in Bing which is also listed on Amazon, then you can directly read some reviews of the product by just hovering over the reviews link to the right of the amazon product link. Cool, eh??

  • WixosTrix

    It’s a nice touch.  It would be cool if you were able to scroll through a few reviews instead of just see the one.  Also, it appears to be working with CNET user reviews too =D

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer this if they went a bit further, using the different site’s ranking systems below the result… e.g. 5 stars for Amazon reviews. Perhaps something similar using metacritic for movies, games etc.

  • Maximilian Hernandez

    i love how bing integrates more results in search