AMD Shows Off The Future Of PCs With Its New Prototypes Running Mullins CPU


At CES, AMD provided us a glimpse of how PCs will get evolved in the next few years. In an effort to showcase its upcoming chip codenamed Mullins, AMD’s next-gen ultra-low voltage APU, AMD has built a prototype PC powered by this chip. The PC is thinner, lighter than a Surface and also significantly less in size. What about the specs? It packs 256GB SSD, a camera, Bluetooth, WiFI and a DockPort connector. In the demo they were showing to people, it ran FIFA 14 at 1080p without any hiccups.

AMD Mullins 2

AMD says that this is extremely low power, extremely high perfomance, to meet your desktop expectations in mobile form factors. Also the great news is that it perform over 250 percent faster than the Intel “Bay Trail-T” chip allowing you to have a no compromise experience from a mobile PC.

Source: Engadget, PCWorld

  • TheCyberKnight

    Fine. Bring it on now!

  • Erik Pienknagura

    this looks amazing!

  • Tips_y

    Great! We want this NOW!

  • techblogger

    Please do this AMD!!

  • grs_dev

    Ummm, what can this do that an Xbox One can’t do?

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      Office, normal keyboard/mouse support, file system management, normal media file playback… This is just a regular PC, not super closed proprietary tech like consoles.

      • Kassem Mezher

        True ! And you can bring it everywhere where there’s a display !

        • grs_dev

          I still don’t get what AMD is proposing. A tablet that’s not an actual tablet? Just CPU, Memory, and Disk? Like a big ass Raspberry Pi? Or a thinner reimagined Mac Mini?

          • Guest

            Maybe it is better version of Surface without a touch cover and angry dancing school girls 😀

      • grs_dev

        You clearly did not understand the question. The Xbox One can do those things. It has been programmed right now to do a set of things that does not include such tasks.

        The Xbox One can be used with a normal Mouse/Keyboard
        The Xbox One has File System Management (I use it every day)
        The Xbox One has media file playback (I use it every day)

        The Xbox One is a Super PC and it’s well documented. What AMD demoed is a form factor in my opinion.

        • Jhora Zakaryan

          Admit it, you’re just an XBOne fan, but that doesn’t turn your XBox into a PC. Yes, the hardware design is largely the same, but the firmware will always restrict you to use it as just an entertainment consuming device.

          My point is that consoles and the super small PCs that were revealed on CES are two very different classes of devices, and your comparison just didn’t make sense.

          P.S. Good luck listening to your MP3s on your XBox 😉

          • grs_dev

            I do and I love it.
            Yes, I am a fan of the Xbox One.
            I wasn’t asking that question in a way to promote the Xbox one however.
            I seriously meant it. Why should the consumer give a shit about AMD’s proposed device? Who’s going to adopt it? Why would a consumer pay a few hundred dollars for this when they can get a fully fleshed alternative that has wider adoption today, a more stable roadmap, and a ton of money earmarked to help it dominate the living room?

  • Xuesong Wang

    250% faster than Bay Trail-T?!WOW…

    Maybe also 250% more expensive than Bay Trail-T hah?

  • elpadr1no

    Not holding my breath but this is great for Windows. Currently we are at the mercy of Intel for advances in Windows computing. Look at how much Haswell has helped for instance. With competition from AMD, we can look forward to Intel being kept on their toes and hopefully a drop in prices.

  • Herb_Eaversmells

    AMD is a great company!