An Emotional Bill Gates Talks About The CEO Search At Shareholder Meeting (Video)

Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting is going on today.  Bill Gates made a very brief statement on the CEO search.  It seemed to me he originally planned to say a little more, but emotions got the best of him.

Microsoft’s board is in search for the new CEO for Microsoft as current CEO Steve Ballmer is retiring next year. Microsoft previously announced that they are considering both internal and external candidates for this job. Reuters reported that former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and current Ford CEO Alan Mulally are now part of the shortlisted external candidates list. Also the internal candidates under consideration includes former Skype CEO Tony Bates, who is now responsible for Microsoft’s business development, and Satya Nadella, the company’s cloud and enterprise chief.

More tidbits may come out of the meeting, we’ll have full coverage throughout the day.

via: The Verge

  • Guest

    WHere is the source of this post?? Why didnt you source to The Verge like you should have?

    • surilamin

      Sorry, wordpress ate part of the post, the video was embedded in it, we have fixed it.

    • auziez

      Good for you, lookin’ out for dem sources!!!

  • WebUser

    what about they have source of their own?

  • krayziehustler

    Very few CEOs have the passion that MS and Steve have shown these past few decades. Very cool to see.

  • Captain Panaka

    I know just the guy to run Microsoft…K-Swiss MFCEO Kenny “FUCKING’ Powers!!!

  • harley

    gah… I couldn’t watch this video without tearing up.

  • MarcXW

    I’m afraid these tears might come from the fact he already knows who the next CEO is going to be and maybe he already knows he/she is incompetent. I really hope I’m wrong though.

    • donzebe

      Yep, It seem he knows the board is about to choose the wrong CEO who may shred the company into a Nanosoft.

      • neva

        Same here, but hope we are wrong :/

      • Guest

        Bill has more pull on the board then the others put together, any hire will be as much as Gate’s and Ballmer’s if not more then the rest of the board. This is Bill G seeing he kept Ballmer in too long and it has hurt the company

  • SategB

    Hard to watch Bill tear up, he is acknowledging an end of an era where the future MSFT will not be the same as it’s past. It not about money or profits but it’s place in history, the one time king of technology.

    It also acknowledgement that MSFT future is not a given, and success will not look like day of old but to include the results of a smaller, leaner, more focus company that is no longer the industry leader but hopefully a viable contributor in the future technology industry.

    Thanks Bill for what you done and having the courage to accept the future. Just wish it was about six years earlier.

    • nickcraze

      Are you trolling? Because that’s what it appears to be. MS is still a market leader and not one company has taken that from them other than in the mobile space.

  • donzebe

    Tears of success

  • RWalrond

    I don’t know. Something seems wrong here. These guys are acting like they’re being forced to do this.
    Would any other company making the kind of profits Microsoft is making be considered “In Trouble” and in need of a new CEO?
    Bill knows that his company is about to be destroyed and it is making him sad.
    Years from now we will look back in history and mark this time as the beginning of the end of Microsoft. Something just doesn’t feel right about this.

    • SategB

      Understand that any change that will occur at Microsoft is in full compliance of the Gate’s understanding of what needs to happen.

      Only thing that is being forced on the company is the economic reality of what is happening in the market; that company missed a major market shift that threaten the historic revenue streams. While current profits looks good, future profits are under great pressure if the company continues as usual.

  • Viktor

    He talks like he is losing MS. That is bad, we need competition.

    • Forg0t2

      They have competition. A little bit too much competition i guess

      • Viktor

        I meant not for them, but from them.