Analyst: Xbox Hardware And Software Sales Well Ahead Of Its Rivals

According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, Xbox outsold both Sony and Nintendo in September sales of both hardware and software. He estimated that Microsoft sold 360,000 Xbox 360 units in the U.S. last month while Sony sold 260,000 PS3 units and Nintendo sold 190,000 Wii units. A similar case goes for the software numbers too. According to the estimates Xbox 360 software sales hit $306 million last month, easily eclipsing the PlayStation 3’s $165 million in sales. Nintendo Wii sales were falling low at $85 million during the month.

So this is an another winning month for Xbox 360.

Source: Cnet

  • Anonymous

    But in the Netherlands Xbox is losing.

    3 Years ago it was all Xbox 360 but since a year PS3 is getting much bigger than xbox 360 over here. You find more PS3 games in rows than xbox 360 games in all bigger retail stores.

    Also retail stores are expanding Apple-in-store stands massively. Media Markt, Dixons and Saturn, Fnac Apple stands are 4x times bigger to 8x times, and less Windows PC’s… the big blow for MS is going to come the coming year.

    MS/xbox is doing a bad job in the Netherlands. Still big but losing in Europe, the same in Spain and France.

    from a xbox/WP7 and maybe a w8 fan.

    • James Matthews

      I keep hearing this “losing in Europe” thing but I never see any numbers.  Show me some numbers please. 

      • harold

        I agree…The main point is MS out sold and made more money than both Sony and Nintendo.

      • Anonymous

        Go to MS dominates in US but still has a lot of work to do in Europe and Japan. I think thats probably something that will have to wait another hardware revision before its fixed. MS’s next console will have to be backwards compatible with all 360 games if it wants to take it to Sony and Nintendo in those markets.