Analysts Blast Online Media Over Poor Reporting On Google Chromebook Sales


Few weeks ago, a sales research report from NPD created lots of buzz among the tech blogging media because of one reason, Google Chromebooks. Because the research reported that Chromebooks accounted for 21 percent of all notebook sales, up from negligible share in the prior year, and 8 percent of all computer and tablet sales through November, up from one tenth of a percent in 2012 – the largest share increase across the various product segments.

Actually, many blogs misunderstood the report and reported that Chrombooks have captured 20% of the traditional PC market. The truth is that the report covers only the devices sold through commercial channel. Commercial channel are the distributors — like CDW and Ingram Micro — that many businesses, government agencies, schools and other organizations use to buy personal computers and other devices. Importantly, the report did not include consumer sales, nor PCs sold by OEMs, such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, directly to businesses. So, saying that Chrome captured 20% of the PC market is just insane.

“There has been a ton of misreporting as many lazy reporters and bloggers have characterized this as all sales, which it wasn’t, or even consumer sales, which it most assuredly was not,” said Stephen Baker of the NPD Group, in an email reply to questions. “It has been very personally distressing to me that so many reporters/bloggers refuse to read, or don’t know what commercial channels mean.”

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Source: Computerworld

  • Sean D.

    I hope this starts a trend of calling out the “lazy reporting”, and blind regurgitating of “news” that so many bloggers and “writers” do these days.

    • theflew

      Exactly… It also explains why Google never made a grand announcement about Chromebook sales. Anybody in their right mind knew these numbers couldn’t be correct.

    • Duk3togo

      I think it was done on purpose to get the word out on chrome books but that’s just my opinion.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Let’s not forget that practically all tech-media is ANti-Microsoft, the anti-softies are the only people more fanatic than Apple’s cult in the tech world, they would see this as ”the ultimate victory for Linux” and hoped that reporting like this would bring more attention to Scroogle Chromebooks, but like the Chinese bloke who ”repordetly” committed suicide over his girl-friend’s shoes, this is so ill-sourced that it made no sense even if you saw it on high-profile web-sites, it’s just sad that these Linux-fanboys ‘n girls are so blinded by their hate of Microsoft that they announce every week and in some cases day the ”demise of Microsoft”.

  • jaylyric

    This is exactly why some products do well and others don’t. These so called”writers” and such can create much buzz be it positive or negative and it affects a lot of people’s perception of a product. I wish consumers would not only go by what they read online or hear from misinformed people in general. Keep putting them on blast! The sad thing is that it will not be spread around and get at least the same amount of coverage and attention as the misinformation.

    • Bugbog

      Kinda like the perception that ‘Google is winning’, and ‘Microsoft is doomed?!’ 😉

  • p0kes

    How many blogs will issue new articles rather than a lame update to the initial article?

    Too many blogs these day care more about clicks than integrity and solid research.

    No wonder why some of the bigger blogs are treated so well by these companies. It is becoming indirect bribery.

  • first name

    something else you won’t see corrected on the android centric sites like phone arena and the verge.
    I thought it sounded a bit far fetched, especially when you consider that most retailers are removing chromebooks from their shelves.

  • Bugbog

    I think the new reparté whenever Windows RT gets lambasted should be “Microsoft will give up RT when Google gives up Chrome O.S!”

    Just another case of ‘double-standard bias’, Google has been pursuing Chrome O.S. for nigh-on 5yrs now; at least two years before roll-out, and 3yrs since. And what do they have to show for it? About 3Million+ in unit sales!

    Microsoft, meanwhile, is deride for almost single-handedly shifting 4 – 5Million+ RT units in just over a year. But is constantly derided for being “crippled”, of no use, and a failure!

  • Victor Who

    Exactly what blogs reported that Chromebooks accounted for 21% of the notebook market? All the major blogs that I have read since the story broke all reported 21% sales through the commercial market. I think what is going on here, is an attempt to spin the facts to neutralize the importance of the 21% notebook-Chromebook sales.

    Let’s get real here. Chromebooks are trending because: 1) No updates 2) Less IT staff 3) costs less. Chromebooks are perfect for schools and small to medium business and organizations. It’s because of those savings which led to the surprise increase Chromebook sales that has been reported by NDP.

    • wspaw for one. The facts got spun, alright.

    • NGM123

      Why when U can buy a proper product for the same price? Fk me, being a business owner and storing your information on one of these Google P.O.S is like leaving a fox to guard your hen house. B safer leaving it the hands of a Nigerian prince I know.
      No updates, less I.T, what a crock of shit that is, surely U don’t believe such drivel ? What sort of laughable trade-off is that, U sir win the prize.

  • NGM123

    Why the fk would anyone want to buy a dataharvest book for? They are an abomination

    • PeevedInOntario

      I really don’t get it either. I’m using one and, frankly, don’t see the point. Plus, I don’t know a single END USER who has purchased one. They’re fine for schools which are on a tight budget (where $3000 vs. $5000 makes a difference), but, for 20%-50% extra dollars/pounds/rupees/whatever you can buy yourself a laptop capable of running a real operating system (like Windows or Linux–no the Chromebooks do not readily run Linux. It’s a hack to get them on there.). A Windows or Mac laptop can do everything the Chromebook can AND can run real software. All these Chromebooks are are added trash for the electronic trash heap. In a few years they’ll be long forgotten like the ill-fated 7″ netbooks from 2008.

  • ThatGuy

    Funny, how a chromebook is the most sold on amazon, and how EVERY SINGLE blogger is a filthy, lazy liar.