Android and iOS Continue to Dominate the Tablet Market; Windows Barely Secures 6%

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global tablet shipments reached 57.6 million units in the first quarter of 2014. Android secured a robust 66 percent global share, while Apple iPad shipments were below expectations and iOS fell to 28 percent. Windows secured a 6 percent global share.

Peter King, Director of Tablets at Strategy Analytics, said,

“Global Tablet shipments reached 57.6 million units in Q1 2014, up 19 percent from 48.3 million in Q1 2013. Android continues to make steady progress and now commands two thirds of the tablet market share.” King added, “Apple iOS shipments (sell-in) were 16.4 million iPads in Q1 2014 which declined 16 percent annually, but Apple claimed that due to channel inventory changes which were reduced significantly from the same period last year, sell-through only declined 3 percent. We believe that the disappointing performance in the early part of the calendar year is because Apple has changed its product release cycle to the holiday timeframe. iOS will likely lose share over the next several months to refreshed Android products, but we believe Apple will win back meaningful high-end market share during the final months of the calendar year.”

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Read the full report for a mere $7000: Strategy Analytics 

  • Avatar Roku

    Make Windows free to OEM on ALL tablets regardless of screen size. Free Windows on all devices under 9″ will help sales, but why stop at 9-inch? The entire Windows tablet market could use a boost and tablet users are more likely to get touch-enabled apps from the app store meaning ad revenue, credit card data, more MS accounts and app sales.

    • redtidal

      I think the thoughts behind it might be how do you distinguish between a device used mainly for consuming contents (game, video, books etct) and a device that is productive (in a more traditional office sense). MS might have taken a look of how people use their devices and figure out this divide.

      On <9", you tie things around OneDrive (photo, music, read-only files). When on 9"+ tablets, MS can push for whole package of products (Office+cloud+enterprise app). Large enterprises are more likely buy devices with larger screen, because they can just issue you one device for all purposes (mobility+productivity). And Enterprise is what MS is after, its bread and butter.

      • Avatar Roku

        The era of Windows licensing to OEMs is over. Either MS moves to a new model or OEMs stop making Windows machines. Windows is competing against free and losing. You’re going to give me some BS argument about productivity? Samsung will keep advertising Android tablets for business and making deals. Consumers will continue to bring their Galaxy and iOS devices to work and in emerging markets cheap Android devices will generationally work needlessly expensive Windows machines out of the Office. Every day Microsoft charges an OEM for Windows is a day where MS did not face reality and arrogantly continued to fight with one hand tied behind their back.
        There is no valid reason why Windows can’t be free on every single stand alone tablet device regardless of screen size. They need to push the app store and get developers targeting Windows first, before iOS and Android. Every move that stands in the way of Windows becoming the primary development platform is a waste of time.

      • Avatar Roku

        “Large enterprises are more likely buy devices with larger screen,
        because they can just issue you one device for all purposes
        (mobility+productivity). And Enterprise is what MS is after, its bread and butter.”

        WINDOWS OS sales is not the bread and butter anymore. Windows licensing is a dying business. It is better to accept early on that Windows licensing model is dead and start transitioning to a new business model than to let the entire Windows ecosystem gradually slide into irrelevance because they tried to hold onto an outdated business model for too long.

        Is there any evidence that large enterprises are more likely to order tons of 13″ tablets than they are 8″ tablets? The fact is that Windows tablets are not selling well compared to Android or iOS in any screen size. Making Windows free on phones and 8″ tablets is just MS reluctantly facing the music that their Windows licensing business does not work in mobile. Consumers, OEMs and increasingly businesses are open to using iOS and Android instead of just Windows and the availability of MS Office for every platform will increase their acceptance of these platforms for productivity.

  • Davey

    You can’t compare the saturation of crappy sub $100 android devices with the more expensive and higher quality Windows devices. It’s not apples with apples (excuse the pun).

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      That aside, now that WIndows is free for devices smaller than 9 inches, we might see a strong growth in the market-share of Windows, when the next wave of WindoWs TABlet-P.C.;’s is released that cost $ 100,- because Windows can compete with Android, I’ve never paid more than € 100,- for an Android Tablet-P.C. only phones, and I suspect that Windows would sell very well if they’ll compete on the low-end market…

    • Bugbog

      Agree, partly. Up till now it’s simply been a matter of mathematics. The largest ODM’s and OEM’s have been churning out Android tablets non-stop since 2010 (Samsungs volume alone is massive), and despite that, it’s only since late 2012 – early 2013 that this volume has started to make a difference in the statistics.

      Windows 8 was just released in October 2012 with [mainly] Microsoft being one of the few purveyors of a pure tablet formfactor. Most other OEM’s that have even deigned to release Windows 8 devices have been mostly 2-in-1’s, and only recently, the eight-inch mini tablets.

      I suppose it attests to the quality of the Windows 8 O.S. that despite the virulent negativity associated with (and arrayed against) it that it’s been able to do this well even.

      With the 8.1 & GDR1 updates and new licensing direction from Build, I’m fairly certain that this will increase volume greatly.

    • Duk3togo

      I am curious, Does this statistic include hybrids or just RT Surface numbers?

  • cybersaurusrex

    Microsoft better hope that giving away Windows will help its tablet performance, because I’m not sure what else is left for them to do… except GIVE THE TABLETS AWAY.

    I love Windows 8/Metro, so I hope they figure it out soon.

  • Rikkirik

    6% global market share for a product that’s not even on the market for one and a half year??? Surface tablets alone is already a Multibillion dollar business (in the last quarterly report of Microsoft, Surface alone accounted for 1.8 billion dollars in revenue for the first 9 months of the fiscal year). That’s not bad at all. Windows tablets will only become cheaper and cheaper, with the OS being free to manufacturers for tablets of 9 inch or less. This will make Windows tablets also very appealing to Asian partners who will bring the prices further down. On the smartphone market we see that the free Windows Phone OS is already making a difference with some manufacturers already making cheaper WP’s (Yezz among others). These are good developments.

    • Duel

      Wait what? Surface has been big flop for microsoft, it definately isnt multibillion dollar business, whhaaaat?!?!? 😀 where you get such info?

      “However, the most troubling find was that the actual cost of revenue for Surface came in higher at $539 million, making for a $45 million shortfall. This was a 15 percent larger loss than Microsoft witnessed in Q4 2013. For the past three quarters, Microsoft lost a total of $300 million on its Surface business.”

  • jaylyric

    If consumers had even half of a brain and not this “me too”,and believe the media hype mentality,then you would choose a Windows device over those overpriced toys.. In most cases.. While some may get the job done,I wouldn’t pay the same price for it when I can get something that does what it does and more for the same price range.. *shrugs*

    • Duel

      Why? What more or better you can do with surface? I cant think anything, but i can think lot of things with android or iOS tablet.

      Im surprised that someone really thinks surface is worth of price. Clearly still most of people are smart and knows that with surface you cant do much. And buy better products.

      • jaylyric

        Dude have you ever even tried a Surface? Obviously not. This is the kinda ignorance that I’m talking about. I’ve owed tablets from all 3 OSs. In fact the iPad mini is sitting less than two feet away from me. But to briefly entertain you: It offers Flash browser support,a built in 2 position kickstand,USB,Mini display port,true split screen multitasking,Office suite,premium build quality. Two optional keyboards,though it’s been offered with a free keyboard on occasion.
        My iPads: The need to a have an app to do anything halfway useful (glad there’s a gazillion),can’t view a video unless it’s in a different format,or has been optimized,or I jailbreak it,and sometimes that doesn’t help. Subpar build,so I have to spend more money on a good case,I have to spend more money on a keyboard that’s not a seemless design,I have to spend more money to be able to connect it to anything or vice versa,finally able to have Office,but have to depend on Microsoft for updates and features (please don’t even compare Keynote etc.,to it. 12 million iPad users downloaded Office in the first week. Oh and I need to search through a gazillion apps in hopes of getting a useful one. Did I mention that it wouldn’t be anything without apps? Many of which I have to (you guessed it) spend more money

        • Duel

          So much words but nothing useful, you basicly didnt give any reason why people should buy surface instead something else, yet you think everyone should chose one, intersting.

          By the way i can use vlc or any other great video apps for watching any video file with any format. Why use stock app if theres better ones available, just like i dont watch movies with windows media player on my computer because theres better choices. Best part with iPad is, you have best alternative apps, you dont need to like same app which everyone use, you have many many choises to chose from.

        • Duel

          “Did I mention that it wouldn’t be anything without apps?”

          Of course tablets arent anything without apps, just like computers arent anything without software. Tablets are all about apps and thats why people doesnt buy surface.

          • NGM123

            Then buy a now cheap x86 W8 tablet from Toshiba or Dell and you don’t need an app store, download or watch anything anywhere anytime !
            Why more people don’t push this fabulous feature instead of beating on about who wants to use legacy apps on an 8 inch tablet, who cares about that, its the flexibility and openness of a fully featured windows OS that is a HUGE advantage over the other dross on the market, the ability to kick the rip off app store to the curb!…. only on a Windows tablet, fully functioning PC for ALL your needs in a beautiful quality tablet, now for around $200 !

          • Duel

            Personally i would never buy 8″ inch tablet, its too small. Also using softwares which are designed for keyboard and mouse are very bad using with 8″ touchscreen when everything is way way too small or akward.

            People buy tablets because they are fast, easy to use, easy and fast to do things which are designed for touchscreen use.

            Using normal windows softwares with touchscreen is far from that. So maybe thats why no-one want that 😉

          • NGM123

            Then buy a 10″ Surface like I have, its perfect, wonder if that would stop your whinging and hating? I doubt it. Or do you just prefer your galaxy?

  • NGM123

    Considering they have only very recently joined the game seriously, 6% isn’t to bad. Given the new lower cost of the OS and recent increase of high quality low cost devices coming to market and about to get even cheaper, I think we can look forward to some substantial growth from here over the next 12months.

    • cybersaurusrex

      The fact that their market share hasn’t budged in a year… IS bad.

      • NGM123

        Missed that, however lets see where the next 12 months takes us, some superb low cost high quality product fresh to market that will make a big difference moving forward.

  • Blaze Blue

    I’m stuck on this one, why are people buying Android tablets? How can anyone really be productive with this waste of hardware.

    • cybersaurusrex

      Because they’re cheap and people are just using them to surf the web & use a handful of apps.

  • Avatar Roku

    The complacent & arrogant attitude of Windows users that Windows is a serious productivity platform and Apple/Google are just for consumer consumption will be the undoing of this whole ecosystem.

    It’s one thing to see management be greedy and try to hold onto a dying business for too long, but when their users are just as arrogant that truly frightens me. The decision to make Windows Phone OS free to OEM came 3 years later than it should have and it may be too late for WP to ever become a serious competitor to Android on phones. Do we really need to see this same mistake play out in tablets and netbooks? The competition is offering a free OS, wake up and face reality. Windows needs to be free to OEMs. The arrogant attitude of Windows superiority will not stop developers or OEMs and then eventually enterprise from abandoning Windows for greener pastures.

    • minhin

      I think with window store embedded into window 8, MS complete the groundwork for monetizing free OS license.
      I agree it’s a bit late, but it’s better late than never. Besides, using iPhone and Android, MS were able to see what users really want such as Cortana.

  • asdfdasf

    Windows 8 is useless on device with screen smaller then 9 inch. Touching windows controls is a hard work.