Another independent browser benchmark finds IE10 is the fastest browser, latest Chrome the slowest

IE10 is pretty fast, as was seen in the recent Sunspider results in Windows Phone 8.

Now another independent analysis has found that the browser is not just fast in tests, but also in real life.


New Relic found IE9 and IE10 had the “fastest browser response time on Windows, with IE10 showing a notable increase over IE9” while monitoring web loading times on thousands of websites.

The video above also shows IE10 outperforming Chrome in RoboHornet ‘s micro-benchmark suite in the context of a real-world scenario.

The day of IE being considered slow and insecure is now well and truly over. No wonder Google Chrome has been losing market share for 2 months in a row.

IE10 ships with Windows 8, and is due to hit Windows 7 in November.

Read more at Microsoft here.

  • Aleem

    I love IE 10 and I know it’s fast. But to say that chrome is slowest,,!! Well, It’s hard to digest. I believe that IE10 is good cuz of great competitive browsers from chrome and Firefox.

  • smith

    IE10 Rocks! I really love how fast and smooth it works. IE FTW!

  • Big D

    Microsoft needs to rename “Internet Explorer” to something else. I think it has bad brand recognition. Many people shiver when they hear someone mention Internet Explorer and start touting FireFox or Chrome…

    • Big D

      And immediately after I entered the above post, my IE9 froze for a few minuets and I had to force close :(