Another Interesting Research Project From Microsoft, Holodesk

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Holocast is a Microsoft Research Project from Sensors and Devices group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. It allows us to manipulate virtual 3D objects using our hand. Its amazing to see, check out the video above. Microsoft is running several research projects to find the future of 3D interactions.

More on this here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this technology will be great for the porn industry.

  • sarkis chamelian

    The application in surgery or new consumer products, rings, phones, etc will be a game changer… can walk into a shop and virtually try on a pair of rings, hold a phone etc !!1 WOW !! I’m born in the wrong century !

    • Eingoluq

      walk into a shop? if you walk into a shop why not try it out yourself. I see this more in the home for shopping. although it may be expensive I’m sure.

  • The Shonko Kid

    Pah! this is old hat, the NYPD Pathology lab has had better for years.

  • Daniel Sadavoy

    amazing product.
    I give it two big Heils!!
    Seriously though, change that name but quick.