Another Microsoft Ad Which Makes Fun Of Apple iPad By Comparing It With Surface

Yesterday, we saw an ad from Microsoft which made comparison between Dell XPS Windows RT tablet with Apple iPad exposing the multitasking weakness in iOS platform. Here’s an another ad from Microsoft posted by Tom Warren which compares Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad.

This new ad shows the lack of kickstand, Touch Cover and USB drive in Apple iPad. Microsoft features a kickstand built-in, a full USB drive and optional Touch Cover for real keyboard experience which all together gives a superior computing experience than a Apple iPad.

What do you think of this ad?

  • iWhat

    LOL… just awesome… ‘do you still think i’m pretty?’ hahahahah

  • chandramuralis

    I like this one. Microsoft is getting better with recent ads

  • ErikPienknagura

    EPIC WIN!!!! this is what we need, to demonstrate we are far better!

  • Forc6

    Haha quite funny actually xD

  • Duel

    This shows that microsoft just doesnt get it (again…), most of people doesnt need physical keyboards with tablets, just like Ballmer said about first iPhone “it doesnt have keyboard” Ballmer didnt had any clue what he said. Look windows phones now, exactly! And now they are doing same mistake with tablets, they are living in pass.

    From day one microsoft have advertised their tablets heavily with keyboard, it gives the feeling that this device doesnt work without keyboard and also it make win tablet look clumsy and laptopish.

    No wonder why win tablets sells so badly, because they are giving totally wrong picture about their device. People doesnt want another “laptop” which microsoft have tried sell from day one. Apple knew they should just leave the keyboard. They marketed it very short time and after seeing people doesnt need or want keyboard for their tablets they stop advertising it, which was very smart move, because it made device look clumsy and because it just doesnt need it.

    • nohone

      Actually, it shows that you just don’t get it. A friend of mine is a perfect example. He inherited a restaurant from his father, and so now he manages the place but had no formal education in management. So he decided to go to community college to take management courses. He would take an iPad and an Apple keyboard to classes, and take notes in Pages. He had the “smart” cover so he could prop it up. But he still had to have a laptop so that he could run his business.

      When the Surface RT was released, I got one on release day, and took it with me to the restaurant that night. He went out and bought one the next day along with a type cover. Now he takes only one device with him, he attaches the keyboard when in classes and it neatly folds over the device when on the go without needing a separate keyboard. He goes to work and uses Excel on his RT to keep track of data such as hours people worked, and then sends that spreadsheet off to his accountant for payroll. I then wrote a small program for him where he detaches the keyboard, walks out to the bar, takes inventory of wine, clicks a button and it sends an order to his distributer. He bought a 64GB memory card, put his music on the device, and late at night when he is doing the nightly cleanup he plugs it into the stereo system and listens to his music rather than the Muzak piped in. And when he goes home, he uses it in tablet mode to play games using one of the Nintendo emulators.

      So he uses it for school as a laptop. He uses it at work as a laptop and a tablet. He uses it in either mode for music. He uses it in tablet mode for play. Apple provides the ability to use an iPad in a semi-laptop mode with a Bluetooth keyboard (something you can do with a Surface RT, also – I am writing this on my Surface Pro with a BT keyboard), and the Apple fans claim it is a great laptop replacement. But when Microsoft provides a no compromise laptop/tablet experience with Win 8/RT, with much more functionality than Apple provides, then suddenly Microsoft does not get it. When they are the ones who do get it, and providing users with the flexibility they need.

      • Duel

        “But when Microsoft provides a no compromise laptop/tablet experience with Win 8/RT”

        No compromise? :) i think this tells it all, both devices are full of compromises.

        Could you answer this, if keyboard is must have, why win tablets doesnt sell? That kind of must have feature should make great sells, right?

        By the way about your example, i dont understand where that guy needed physical keyboard.

        • nohone

          All devices have some sort of compromise. You cannot put a iPad or a Surface in your shirt pocket. You cannot do heavy computing with a cell phone. But a Surface over an iPad? No competition. You cannot plug in a memory card without a dongle for the iPad. You cannot download files with an iPad. You cannot copy files between an iPad and another device without first docking to a real computer. You cannot attach a USB device, and so on, and so on.

          Just because you spent 4 years developing muscle memory to type well enough on a on screen keyboard, does not mean that everyone wants to spend 4 years to be fast enough typing on one. And just because you do not want to believe that an iPad needs a keyboard, does not mean that Apple believes that. They built code into the iPad specifically to handle keyboards. On the iPad accessories page on they have 26 different keyboards for the iPad. And just because you want to believe that Microsoft requires a keyboard for Surface, does not mean it is true. You have ignored all the commercials that show the Surface being used without the keyboard. Of course, the touch keyboard is as thin and light as the “smart” cover for the iPad, and adds the functionality of being a keyboard, so why not carry a keyboard when you want one, and like the “smart” cover, fold it back if you don’t want to use it.

          • Duel

            Yes you can download files, yes you can copy files to another device. You can believe what ever you want but markets clearly shows that most of tablet users doesnt want/need physical keyboard.

          • Rikkirik

            Nophone, great arguments, you should reply more to the crap that Apple fanatics spread or start your own tech website in which you explain things to the ignorant Apple fans.

        • nohone

          Oh, and to answer your question about sales – isn’t it funny how the Apple apologists have a fit when you try to compare Android sales to iPhone sales because it is unfair comparing an OS on 100s of devices to one device, the iPhone, but it is OK to compare one specific device (Surface) that has not been on the market for a year to 4+ years and 4 versions of iPad? Meanwhile there have been well over 100 million licenses of Win8/RT sold, on a wide range of devices in less than a year, from small 7″ screens to big number crunching workstations, but you will probably refuse to accept that fact, and start rambling on and on about licenses not used, downgraded, or sitting on store shelves.

  • Duel here is picture about what i just said, nice laptop Steve!

    Oh wait, its tablet? ok! Sometimes less is just more.

    • neva

      the truth about the iPad…

  • Ruufus

    Love it!