Another Report Confirms Existence Of 7-inch Xbox Surface From Microsoft

Last June, we reported about a specs of a device from Microsoft called Xbox Surface.  We thought it was just a fan made concept, but it seems that it may get real soon. According to a report from The Verge, Microsoft is working on  a 7-inch version of Xbox Surface tablet which will be focused on gaming. While the specs of the device was not yet finalized,  it will  likely include a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM suitable for high performance gaming.

It was also reported that Xbox Surface will run on custom Windows kernel and will have some tablet focused apps. Are you ready to own another gadget between your Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface ??

Source: The Verge

  • Askier

    that’s a bulls**t specification. 5gb of ram? tablet with a hard drive? 10000rpm? BS!

    • Agrippa

      Think about how old that spec sheet is… just think about it. That’s what they projected would be the case at the time they started planning it. Everyone forgets that they started drawing up these plans as far back as 2008. But the report was updated in 2010. Funny how much changes in just two years, isn’t it?

    • NarcoSleepy

      Reading that sheet, only the top left appears to be the tablet, and everything after that is the “stationary computing device” or, how I interpret that is the next XBox. That is, if any of this is even remotely real.

  • Mark Roberts

    Its a controller for Xbox those specs are two devices

    • Stuart Downes

      Yup, the “tablet” looks like being a break-out / remote control device to play on the SmartGlass concept.

  • Joe_HTH

    All Microsoft is going to do is create confusion. A 7 inch tablet that doesn’t run Metro apps or Windows RT? People are going to buy it thinking it’s a 7 inch version of the Surface. There’s already enough confusion with RT. There’s no need to create more with another product that is not compatible with Windows 8 or RT.

  • eVolvE

    Considering part of the hardware, this sounds a lot like an updated Xbox360. The PowerPC CPU, with six cores, VMX/VSX Support and AMD graphics hardware, updated to support Shader Model 5 and DX11.
    If this is actually true and such a device exists, it would make a lot sense, since this would probably mean that most of the existing 360 games could be ported without much changes to the codebase.

  • RecklessJay

    To me this spec sheet looks like the next Xbox, that they’re calling Xbox Surface and it has a 12 core processor with beyond HD graphics, 22.2 Surround Sound Support and USB 3.0 ports. The downside it only has 5GB RAM and NO SSD. The 7″ Tablet is probably a Wii U like controller.

  • ckeledjian

    you can bet your last dollar it will run Windows RT apps. The whole purpose of the so-called Windows Real Time apps is to substitute Win32 and be cross platform

  • David

    Well I make it simple for you…. I am ready to own all Microsoft products!

  • Dwight Snead Jr.

    Total BS, I can’t believe they will release a tablet with less than “Snap” resolution of 1366×768

    • Eingoluq

      How many games would you like to play at once?
      LOL jk.

  • g.berumen

    can’t wait windows8, HTC 8x, surface pro 8, now 7inch Xbox. Please take all my money

  • Fred

    Tablet with 380W PSU? Really? 😀

  • kalval

    So the tablet is just the master controller of the Xbox. It doesn’t appear to have any processor or memory of its own, it gets the image from the Xbox itself. So basically you have one of these as your second screen experience the your regular controllers for playing games that aren’t touch based. Sounds like a better implementation of the Wii U just like Kinect was a better implementation of the Wii motion controller.