Another Report Confirms That Microsoft Is Planning To Release Windows RT Without Desktop Experience

We already saw few reports that Microsoft is planning to release Windows RT without desktop experience. Today, another report from claims the same that Microsoft will release Windows RT devices that only contain Metro user experience. If this happens to be true, then Microsoft may position Windows RT as a touch only OS targeted for tablets alone. The current desktop experience in Windows RT is confusing to average consumers. Even though it looks like any other Windows desktop, you can’t install any classic Windows apps other than Microsoft Office. Also, when this desktop-less Windows RT OS ships, the Office Gemini (touch based Office) will be available for the general public.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to ship Windows RT without desktop experience?

Source: Myce

  • carl

    They should’ve done that since the beginning.. really

    • Rico Alexander

      Not really because a main selling point of it was being able to run office on the tablet.

    • dolco

      No, why do you think that RT without desktop is better. In fact is worse… RT without desktop is dead for me.

      • david

        I think you are confusing RT and full win 8. On RT only desktop program able to run is Office. When they finish Office Gemini there is no point to keep desktop.

        • dolco

          I am not confusing. You think wrong. As IT person, I know what RT is and off course I own RT tablet. RT is able run any desktop program which is specifically written for RT.

          • b4rtw

            Thats makes it a modern app. Because MS doesn’t allow classic windows programs to run on the desktop….

          • dolco

            Just NO. You cannot run a x86 apps on ARM architecture. It is technically impossible. It has nothing with MS allowing or not… There is MS developer tools for make any desktop application for RT. Only thing what MS blocked on RT compare to Windows 8.x, is that you cannot install application from multiple sources. Only source is MS marketplace. Reason? Security.

          • Alan

            OK, where are the desktop RT applications in the store. I can’t find them… oh right, they don’t exist!!!!

          • counterblow

            Oh shut the fuck up. there are tons of apps in the store. very few are x86 only.

          • Alan

            Idiot, read my post again then post. I said desktop Windows RT applications NOT Modern UI apps, keyword there being desktop!!!!

    • david

      They should, but office was not ready. Maybe they should window it in modern window without user seeing desktop.

      • Alan

        Why would they need to do that when Windows 8 has side by side multitasking?

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Fine by me they make a modern UI only version of RT. I just hope microsoft considers two things:
    1. make a modern UI version apps of the office suite
    2. consider a more stylus centric UI experience with the surface devices. The use of more intuitive stylus use is something I’m really missing, and I use the stylus on my surrface a lot. It would be nice to have menu interactions such as on the samsung galaxy note series, the option to ink website adresses and search queries in search and adress bars. Also onenote for the modern UI (I love this app) is missing some serious english and multilangual support for ink to text recognition. Also I would love to ink notes in the windows native email and calendar app and have ink-to-text recogntion available in these apps as well.
    If microsoft would consider this I wouldn’t hesitate to switch my current surface pro first gen for this upgraded RT version.

  • ScaryBiscuits

    I use my Nokia 2520 as a replacement laptop when I’m travelling for work – and it’s great. I use the desktop a lot not because I prefer it to Metro but that there’s lots of functionality in the desktop that’s still missing from Metro, for example there’s no way of searching in a directory and then dragging and dropping the results into another app. Metro just isn’t ready for serious office use yet. Microsoft must fix this deficiency before abandoning the desktop not afterwards, otherwise they would lose many users.

    • Orc

      Agree, as long as desktop has more functionality its actually useful. Have desktop option hidden, but don’t remove it.

    • NGM123

      And they need apps, lots and lots of apps, the RT store from the worlds premier software company is a joke, its so bad tumble weeds blow through the RT store.

  • milkdudd

    I’m okay with it. The only time I use the desktop is when I’m using Office or want to use the desktop version of Internet Explorer. I only use the desktop version of IE when I’m streaming audio and want to do other things while it’s streaming. The metro IE pauses the audio when you go to another app. If they make Internet Explorer better I won’t miss the desktop.

  • Joe_HTH

    What happed with the merging of WP and RT? Microsoft needs to merge the two and have an OS that can run Metro apps and WP8 apps. RT is dead because of the negativity surrounding it and the confusion it created.

    Truth be told, they should have never created RT and instead they should have simply used WP8 on tablets, tweaked and refined for tablets. They should have also bolted the WP8 store onto Windows instead of a new OS. Microsoft does not need three ecosystems.

    • counterblow

      That’s what is happening anyways. we are talking about the successor of RT but there is no proof it will be called RT.

    • Bugbog

      I’m of the opinion that the negativity created the confusion and not vice-versa!

      How confusing can the statement “RT devices only run apps from the Win Store” be?!!

      I’m also of the opinion that it doesn’t really matter what the tablet oriented O.S. got called; it would still have been ‘beaten to death’ by concerned parties, only trying to “clarify” the mess made by Microsoft.

      The facts of the matter is too many parties liked the incremental status quo! Both OEM’s & Consumers. And did not wish to be dragged into the 21st century. Microsoft is only remembered (and lambasted for) the implementations it is unable, or fails, to achieve (WinFS, Courier), rather than for things that it attempts to use metrics and forward thinking to achieve! (Hence why they flip-flopped so easily and rapidly on the Xbox One features so as to not achieve the level of negativity that became [partially] self-fulfilling, a la Windows 8!

      And now that it’s no longer a ‘release’ issue, the general sentiment is creeping in that “oh, maybe all those forward thinking features weren’t so bad?!”

      **smh** Microsoft just can’t win for losing!

  • MoeHD7

    I’ve always thought surface rt tried to do too much. Do i really want virus scanner in the BG slowing down my tablet? My 1st gen Surface runs so sluggish now in days and I’ve always thought they should just put the same os from the phone on the tablet cause its snappier and responsive. (plus OS parity like in iPhones and ipads. So I would be fine with this change (as long as i can still use USB devices like my xbox 360 wireless receiver and controller). Also maybe it will even cut the os size in half : )

    • dolco

      In RT is no virus scanner. In RT are not viruses. First gen of RT has really slow HW.

      • MoeHD7

        RT has windows defender in the desktop control panel.

    • soder

      You can disable Defender via registry editing. Google it…

      • MoeHD7

        Wish I didn’t have to disable it in the first place…Why does it even have a virus scanner in the first place? Ipad doesn’t need one… I remember some company tried to release a “virus scanner” app in the windows phone store and MS had it removed cause it sent a bad message that users are vulnerable to viruses while using their mobile OS. Its fine that’s I can look it up edit the registry and disable but the average consumer’s not going to want to deal with that. But thanks for the advice I’ll Bing it up later.

        • Bugbog

          Are you sure it’s Win Defender slowing down your machine?

          Easiest way to check is to run Task Manager and see what’s consuming most CPU cycles (under Processes).

      • NGM123

        …….. wouldn’t that be “Bing it”

  • counterblow

    This will be great! I just hope current Surfaces get it because with the Desktop stripped away and all the crap that goes with that the current Surfaces should run faster.

    • dolco

      To have full multitasking is not crap! It is step backward!

      • counterblow

        You will have just as much multitasking as you did before.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Finally! I’ve been complaining since the Windows 8 launch.

    The touch-first experience should have been completely autonomous (no reliance to desktop) since its introduction. At the time, it was just simply impossible as way too many critical settings and operations were absent.

    It looks like Microsoft finally rallied to this idea. Now, very few critical components have to be released: Office for the touch-first UX and a decent file management app.

    And for those complaining or announcing a grim outlook about this segregation, I have two comments:
    1 – it’s not for you because you “need” the desktop and it’s fine.
    2 – The Apple and indirectly Android ecosystems are like this and they thrive.

    Casual computing needs, which represents a very large part of the global consumer base, can be fully covered with a touch-first UX and Microsoft is finally about to release one.

  • Jdrm03

    10 inch RT version of the pro 3 and you can have my money Mas

  • himay333

    It should have launched without desktop mode. They could have still had a way to run Office and used an IE desktop version toggle ala WP. All that desktop mode does is confuse and frustrate. If your computing needs necessitates desktop mode, you’re probably going to be happier with a pro device. When this happens they need to rename it Windows Mobile, Windows Metro, or anything that isn’t RT.

  • jorgel

    I think there is nothing like desktop to handle multiples files and folders an that is the main reason desktop shouldn’t disappear from windows rt.

  • jasonbxx

    If the can already have MS Office Touch then desktop mode for Windows RT-based devices isn’t necessary! They still have to port other desktop related functionality (e.g. settings in the Control Panel) to Modern.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    This would be great if they speed up the release cycles with more tablets. Also, I want to use a stylus in addition to touch and keyboard.

  • Ivan Kovačić

    Noooo! Why remove an _option_? If the desktop is soooooo confusing, burry it down in the settings so “the average user” could not find it and be so confused. The rest of us will use and love the desktop on RT.

  • sb1370

    At xda-developers there was a way to jailbreak the tablet and install desktop apps. Also they’ve ported some apps from x86 to ARM.
    It was interesting. But Microsoft fixed that and there was no way to jailbreak 8.1.
    Why they don’t allow this? Those people did it at their own risk.

  • Dexter

    how cares, RT is Dead as hell, complete fail, total waste of time and money!