Another Report: Microsoft To Bring Back The Start Button In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Start Button

We have already heard about this in the past that Microsoft is working on an update for Windows 8/RT codenamed Blue which will bring back the Start Menu and boot to desktop option. Today, The Verge reported that their sources confirmed the same. The new Start Button will simply act as an shortcut which when clicked will display the new Start Menu. Also they confirmed the book to desktop option which will let users boot their PCs directly to old desktop screen.

Source: The Verge

  • surilamin

    There better be an option to hide this button. Fuck Microsoft back-tracking…damn I miss Sinofsky.

    • RWalrond

      Easy now..
      This kind of start button was in the first developer preview, I thought it was useful to get back to the start screen. Microsoft giving us a choice isn’t back-tracking, it’s smart. Now if they don’t continue to push forward with Metro style apps and settings then that is what I would consider back-tracking.
      Personally I think they should replace the start button idea with a Charms button.

  • one1611

    Why not just have it as an optional tile that only performs in a metro fashion so that that each camp (keep it or abandon it) can suit themselves?

  • Blachlock

    Why not make it a user option to have it altogether or not. Allow the classic start menu with modern app integration.

    The user will always find a way to get back what they want (Start8, Pokki, etc…) MS Just needs to accept that some people without a touch interface will want the startmenu and desktop to be there always.

    This bantering back and forth about the start menu is old, put back, make it an option, let people decide and be over and done with it.

  • gmx1

    The Microsoft people who decided that hiding the start button somewhere should be fired straight away. What sort of incompetent person thought that hiding it will be a good idea. Windows was about choices and that’s why I like it. Also who the hell decided that auto-hiding the scroll bar in Metro is now a good idea too. If I have a touch screen fine, but if I use a mouse why make my life difficult with first making the scroll bar difficult to see and then hiding it altogether until you hover over the area!! Seriously I would fire these people straight away if I was ballmer, so basic principles of user interface design.

  • grs_dev

    How about providing an option to make the start screen box that pops up when the mouse is hovered in the lower left hand corner stay (pinned, or something). Instead of introducing an icon, make the symbol simply “always stay on top” or pinned to the lower left hand corner, etc.

  • Adrian

    Please tell me this build will let you pin the start menu to a second monitor without it disappering every time you click anything on the first monitor