Another Windows 8 developer post success story, suggests you join the gold rush


Windows 8 developer and Microsoft employee Kevin Ashley has posted another Windows 8 success story, aptly illustrated by the Downloads graph from his app Card Games Chest, which is close to 100,000 downloads and is seeing 2000-3000 downloads per day.

Prior to the full release of Windows 8 he was seeing around 300-400 downloads per day.  His app is monetized by ads and in-app purchases, and he notes they are happily keeping him in lunch and supper.


He also used the demographics of the people who downloaded to debunk some Windows 8 myths. The first shows that plenty of people over 55 are downloading his app, demonstrating the myth that older Windows 8 users will not be able to get to grips with the changes in the OS is nonsense.

The second graph, which is of people who use in-app purchases in the app, also shows that these over 55 year olds are also happy to spend money on apps in the OS, and that by extension they must like the OS also, else why invest in it.

He concludes by saying:

I know many iOS and Android developers, and I encourage them to join the Windows gold rush!

This is the perfect time for it.

We can only agree. Read his full post at MSDN here.

  • Jérémie Corpinot

    That’s a good new, i’d rather building a Windows 8 app, and fast 😮

  • B_Sack

    I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’ve been saying for months that developers are crazy not to take advantage of a unified storefront for the worlds biggest ecosystem (windows). And when you can alter code for a day and port it over to windows phone that easily, who wouldn’t?

  • freeiam

    Microsoft employee ? this is fake !!!

    90% of Developers don’t earn money – this is fact. visit phone forum and read ..

    • Bugbog

      Which part? That he’s a Microsoft employee? Or that he is earning money? Or that people are paying for stuff in apps?

  • Bugbog

    Also of note, and as an aside to the Gold Rush, is that this also applies to consumers downloading apps!

    A lot of the new apps in the Store have yet to be rated, but if it is a subject matter you are interested in, I’d suggest you not wait for ratings before trying them. (Unlike installations from external sources, downloads from the Windows 8 Store makes it super easy to try and, if you don’t like, delete it, with zero fragment issues)

    I’ve found that some free apps, for which I was seemingly the first to try, like and rate, have now become paid apps! And all within a week of their launch. Which means that the devs are likely seeing a high/quick uptake that either satisfies their free ‘use’ quotient, or gives them enough confidence to presume their app is good enough for them to turn it into a paid one.

    Either ways I got them for free! :)

    • Bill Lee

      Good point. I got Fhotoroom for free and then noticed it is now paid. Also, people who moved too slow on Tweetro got burned as well.